Life-saving rescue of unconscious street dog

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A street dog had been found unconscious on the side of the street, unresponsive to sound and even touch. We believe he had been hit on the head and suffered an injury to his brain.

We rushed him back to Animal Aid's shelter and began his treatment, very worried that he may never regain consciousness.

On the street, this sweet boy didn't stand a chance. His recovery was long, and so successful!

Please donate for animals in urgent need:

Donate in India by PAYTM: +916378384861


43 Comments on “Life-saving rescue of unconscious street dog”

    1. I looked it up on Google and got this address from them ::::: Near Badi TB Hospitable,Badi Village,Lito Ka. Hope this helps 😇

    1. Well said Meoww & donation comes from the heart whether it’s big or small amount but we do not have to advertise to the whole world!!Take care!!

  1. When people can barely feed themselves, they don’t have the capability to care for animals. Wherever there’s poverty, animals seem to suffer the worst. Thank goodness there’s a rescue group that’s making a difference.

    1. Larry stop being a arsehat all the time. you know what Sarah meant plus it had a happy ending so no need to thumbs down unless you are a long balled simpleton living in the back woods on squirrels and road kill

  2. Me pone tan feliz ver gente maravillosa x lo que hacen es un ejemplo de vida sigan asi.seran bendecidos por mi señor.AMEN❤

    1. Cristina Siniscalco Estos sin son elegidos para ir al cielo no como los falsos profetas Y iglesias,templos que sólo recaudan dinero

  3. U guys are real life hero.. Respect and lots off love guys ♥️💕💕💕💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️❤️♥️♥️💕

  4. how can i help animals near me ..
    many animals are injured at road side , i also wants to help them.. but i have no rescue team ..

    please suggest some rescue team in Lucknow (uttar pradesh)

    1. Some people become rescuers themselves…vet I’m sure give huge discounts to rescuers…they should anyways in that it will encourage more people to love and help God’s creation the way it was meant to be…

  5. You are all so sweet I literally love this channel and all the people who save these animals I thank you with all my heart and soul that you take time to save these helpless animals and you turn them into strong trusting loving dogs and we are all thankful for your help to these animals

  6. Wow you are the best animal saver on youtube and please help the dogs in the Philippines because they are all starving to death nobody cares about them but I keep on feeding them I’m not allowed to have them as pets because I’m a traveller

  7. DHAPU ,,she is an angel with magic touch .she is hand feeding this dog ,,i will kiss those hands from thousand mills away
    she is an honor of humanity and offcource all other angeles in Animal aid unlimitted

  8. Hi guys please complete your kyc in paytm and I donate via credit card Love you each and every one in the animal aid unlimited Good work keep it up 👏👏👏👏👏

  9. You All are GOD in human disguise for the poor n helpless animals in distress🙏👍😇
    Never Ever Stop The Good Work 😘👍👌

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