“Leash Ninja” Dog Training Lesson FULL VERSION by www.K9-1.com

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26 Comments on ““Leash Ninja” Dog Training Lesson FULL VERSION by www.K9-1.com”

  1. Very unlikely if done the right way. Go to the 16:00 mark and practice against a wall/fence/etc.. before using on a dog.

  2. I have no plans on using the “pumps” because I never use correction collars. But the rest of the “leash ninja” skill should come in handy both with my dog and at the shelter that I volunteer at.

  3. I want to that you for this video! I wish all dog trainers thought leash ninja training. It make training a lot easer.

  4. Why use the thumb? Both, slide and lock, can be made with the handle of the leash around the mid palm instead of the thumb.

    1. That thumb adds tactile placement for the leash AND better security than any one can truly test their grip strength with…this leash practice is vital and these guys have it down pat. This is a tool between us and the dog. Very akin to a bit and bridle or just halter with BIG HORSES. Those I know. I wouldn’t try to reinvent the wheel…

    1. It most definitely should. My sister and I have been teaching our two year old dog how to walk properly and he’s finally starting to get it right

  5. My dog pulls like mad. I watched this and practiced with the leash clipped to my fence until I mastered the skills you showed – as soon as I put the leash on my dog, she was way more receptive to me because I was actually CONFIDENT! in my leash skills. Thank you so much for this great video!

  6. Thank you for sharing this video and your others. I started using leash pumps with just their regular generic nylon collars and it works on all my family’s dogs! My chihuahua especially focuses on me on walks now, rather than on every other smell and distraction in the area. I wish learning to use a leash like this was mandatory with every adoption or dog purchase! It’s magic!

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