Leash Handling during Bite Work (K9-1.com)

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Our best chain for price and also top quality is located here:. Go to our web site completely free dog training information. We have been creating dog training systems because 1998. Chain handling is a requirement for any kind of kind of obedience or innovative training. You can find a starter lesson on the value of handling the chain appropriately at the video clip located here: We use 6 foot leather chains for strength as well as comfort.

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12 Comments on “Leash Handling during Bite Work (K9-1.com)”

  1. Amazing work!! my gsd is 6 months old and is already huge and intimidating but to me he is as soft as putty but so loyal and protective

  2. Very nice work.Thank you. Question?? You do not use Out” ? Solid and good ” come” or “sit” will do the out?? if yes. .this way is great and best way to do ” out z”

    1. Pantera Azul Practicing “Premack Principal” do a less desired behavior to get to do a more desired bahavior….sit and you will get to bite again…come and you will get to bite again…it helps the dogs to enjoy obeying more and gets them to do more behaviors enjoyably because they ultimately get more good things in life that way. It helps them to release easier knowing we won’t always take take take from them, it help with forecless obedience under a high distractions too,….this way in the event of an emergency situation….the dog is more likely to release very easily. There is never any need to be forceful this way. We do use out as well at times too.
      I’m sure we’ve all seen those videos of someone trying to get a dog to release their bite with great difficulty and unnecessary force…doesnt have to be that way

  3. That leash like “metal mesh” is the one that squeeze when the dog pull? I’m asking this because I have one that works that way but I never use it afraid that it could hurt my dog. Right now I’m using one made from leather but my GS managed to walk backwards and the leash goes out from her head.

    1. Victor F. This is just a regular 6ft leash …Tab…..is just and old leather leash cut and knotted at the end. I have a regular “tab” but I like this one because when I started protection with him it it allowed me more room for a better grip it for any reason I needed to hands. I am also using a snug padded flat coller for bite work and then the tab is attached to the prong coller and a safety loop for control work if needed. Are you referring to the prong?

      When you say she walked backwards and the leash goes out from her what exactly do you mean?

    2. Hi! Thanks for the explanation.

      I’ve messed up what I was trying to say and I’m sorry for not explaining well.
      Yes, I was referring to the prong (mine is like this one imgur.com/a/zWOA7 ).

      The collar I use on her is similar to this one imgur.com/a/ohnqt and what happens is: she’s so stubborn and sometimes she doesn’t to want come with me so I push a little bit the leash and she puts her head down and the collar goes out (possibly not tight enough) but I’m worried that if it’s too tight it might hurt her.
      So I’m thinking using the prong that tightens if she forces against it

  4. Love this but why do you need the prong collar? You have excellent control over your boy and he’s extremely obedient, I reckon you could do this without it xx

  5. All the BBwarriors should know this…. waht you say about a dogarmor with doggles. should be fun at a airsoftgame!

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