Lady Confronts Me About Abusing My Service Dog

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Drew Lynch is a comedian with a stutter and this is his dog with a name that's Stella.

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A super cute guy with his average-looking dog.

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76 Comments on “Lady Confronts Me About Abusing My Service Dog”

    1. SerenityTheWolf are you actually shitting me? Jesus everybody is so fucking sensitive anymore this is ridiculous. Do you not hear how you sound? Everyone’s offended by everything now. What a way to live. Grow a spine

  1. Stella should have a throne with a giant fluffy pillow everywhere she needs to sit or lie down she is the Queen 😘❤️💕

    1. Sir.Billy Campos
      *you sure you knew how to spell it? I wasn’t being dramatic, you guys were actually.*

    1. Lmao hilarious 😂, but small correction, it’s the other way around I’ve look at the captions on the movie😂 no hate tho

  2. Usually when I hear people talk, I start talking like them. I watched a bunch of your videos and just randomly stuttered throughout the day.

    1. The same thing happenes to me and i have always had a small studder but sometimes it gets alot worse lmao but i don’t mind

    2. I do the same thing!! But like while in conversation with the person. I feel so embarrassed because I dont want them to think i am making fun of them. It just happens.

  3. *hey dont put her on the ground*
    *also not the chair*
    *dont make here levitate, she might crash*

  4. For the people stating that Stella does not like sitting on the chair is wrong, stella is not tied to the chair and show zero signs on being uncomfortable and if she really didn’t like it she would leave, imagine how many jump cuts his videos would have, so she is perfectly fine sitting on the chair

    1. I used to have a cat that sat like they all the time. He looked uncomfortable as hell but that was just the way he sat.

    2. I agree. I also believe her moving is actually in relation to what she senses from drew. She is his support dog. She is trained to pick up on the tiny signals he gives off. Even ones he has no idea he is giving. If she was not happy there she would show it. I love how he puts up captions like she is saying things.

    3. also even when he scooted so far away she didn’t move, she’s obviously not jumping at the first opportunity to get off the chair

  5. Speaking as an empath myself, I have no idea what that chick’s problem was. I’m thinking she was NOT an empath. An empath can clearly feel when an animal is in distress, and Stella clearly was not. She was projecting.

    1. +Mo Mo You’ve never met anyone who knows what emotional intelligence is? I don’t buy that at all. Anyone with a basic college level study of psychology or communications has been introduced to the concept.

    2. +rapheALtoid tbf most people on the planet havent taken psych 101. college is not a universal experience and psych classes definitely arent.

  6. Well. Technically.
    You are abusing her.
    Just like mine.
    …and people in general…
    I wouldn’t wish that on a Dog lol tear 🤣.

    1. +John Laurens Laurens
      Don’t abuse your Pal.
      They suffer enough just putting up with us.
      …that’s dedication,.. return the favor ☺…

    2. +John Laurens Laurens
      I’ll take it,.. That’s the sound of the Air rushing out of your head.
      …it’ll collapse eventually lol…

  7. It’s not abusive that Stella is in a chair or on the floor because my dog lays on the floor and learned how to climb up on chairs just like Stella

  8. That woman suffered from acute PETA-imfection of the brain.

    But you’re lucky your title is wrong and she did NOT confront you … because these ppl are so irritatingly boring in their self-righteous ignorance.

  9. If Stella was uncomfortable, she would move. Ik service dogs are trained, so is mine, but if he’s uncomfortable or hurt, he will move to make himself comfortable ppl need to shut up srsly

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