6 Comments on “Labrador retrievers revealed as the most popular dog breed in 2017”

  1. Bulldogs like many other breeds. It’s sick! People need to open their eyes and care about breeds it’s the inside that counts. A dog doesn’t know if he/she is a labrador or something let alone a dog!
    And also adopt, because the’re many homeless dogs in shelters also many certain breed if you want a breed.
    I don’t care how my dog looks, but the size was important otherwise the dog would have to walk me.

    If you really love animals then adopt.

    Adop’t Don’t Shop!

    Don’t breed or buy while shelteranimals die!

    1. But breeds have certain characteristics about them that people like. The reason everyone likes labs is BC they have a really friendly personality, they are really smart, very obedient, easy to train, easy to groom, and they are very good with kids. Also people like how they can be hunting dogs or just family dogs or both. So, yes, breeds do matter hun. There is a reason it’s been #1 for like 27 years in a row. Don’t fight it, embrace it! 🙂

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