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  1. Dang it I should of watched your video 1st I got a German Shepherd mix and just ordered one because he kills the regular bedding):

    1. We just bought two Kong crate pads based upon the reputation of Kong products. Did the dogs have any sort of toy as a distraction while in their crates? We are adopting two rescues that are crate trained. From what I was told by the rescue group, and searching online on how to use crates, it is a good idea to have a toy in there with them. A Kong was suggested, stuffed with some frozen treats. Any other toy that can hold treats would work too. We’ll try this technique.

  2. Sorry your beds got chewed up. I’m wondering how they hold up otherwise, washing n cleaning and such. I like the designs, but the non removable cover design makes me nervous. Neither of my greyhounds are pet bed destroyers. Hmmmm…..

  3. Thank you. You’ve helped me make up my mind. My Lab-Heeler pup tore up 3 crate pads last year and I finally just gave him some old blankets to sleep on. When he needed a bigger crate this spring I took a chance and put a foam pad in. It lasted a couple of months before he just couldn’t resist chewing.

  4. Thanks for you review. I almost bought this pad last night at PetSmart but I wanted to check online to see if I could find it cheaper. Wont be buying it now.

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