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Im prepping for my new forever friend, Toshi! Toshi is a pomeranian puppy who arrives monday afternoon! My bestfriend/roommate/soulmate/keeper Dre bought me this adorable dog house. It had some flaws so I fixed it up in the kawaii style.

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57 Responses to “KAWAII DOG HOUSE DIY”
  1. forever boy says:

    hi kelly πŸ˜› and if you’re going to the Louvre (however you spell it) don’t wear ott (over the top some people are thinking i’m calling kelly’s style odd) _clothes because this other youtuber i watch didn’t get allowed in because she was wearing gothic clothes (dumb ik and i’m not trying to be offensive)

    • rufiredup90 says:

      Maseki Chan Yeah, they were really awful to Freja and her husband! She was really upset when they were called by the security to get interrogated. She had to look up her phone for a translation on “Are we being disrespectful?” in French because they were treated like pariahs and the frickin’ person said “Yes!”. They were just filming!! Nothing disrespectful at all…Just because they look goth doesn’t mean they are gonna go into a cemetery, tear off their clothes and do some pagan dance! It was really upsetting watching how sad she was. But then she did mention that most French were really very nice and welcoming. She and her husband kept getting stopped for pictures and people seemed very excited and lovely when it came to her goth look.

    • Maseki Chan says:

      rufiredup90 I totally agree with you, I didn’t see the video but I’m gonna check it! I had some bad experiences in Paris with my father because he is rasta, like security would always check on him wherever we went. France definetely have a problem with appearance, but still people are nice most of the time, and Freja is a really nice person so I’m happy if her and her husband had the opportunity to meet some cool folks! And it’s kinda impressive that they didn’t have any translator or someone who talked english

    • Wigachan says:

      Hi, as a “true Parisian”, I just wanted to give you “our” side, if you can call it that ^^ It is a very common yet serious problem to be arrested or even just questionned just because of one’s appearance, but filming is forbidden in museum (almost all of them). Let’s also not forget that Paris is one of the most visited city in the world, meaning we have to deal on a daily basis with tourists. Some are very polite and respectful and we do help them, even if they don’t speak 100% perfect French. But can you really be mad at us for being snappy and sometimes full on rude when a tourist just jams a map under or nose pointing to a direction without a “hello” or “sorry” ? We’re not all tourists guide :’) I’m not saying all Parisian are angels, we just aren’t all nationalistic/xenophobic people that specificaly hate tourists.
      As for what you say on saying “Hello” when you enter a shop, isn’t it just common courtesy ? Wouldn’t you be, at least midly, annoyed if someone just started talking to you, asking you for stuff without saying something else first ? I genuinly ask because it might be cultural or something but it seems so natural to me that I just might not see it.
      And for the language, it is true that we like our French and are keen to correct it when we hear a mistake, but the same is true on the internet with texts written by non-native English speaker so for every languages, there are its guardians :’)
      To sum it up, to any foreigners looking to visit Paris : be careful of the “rules”, may they be courtesy customs or actual rules to follow (like no camera in museum) and you might just find that Parisians aren’t that awful πŸ™‚

    • Sophia says:

      Mockingjxy qqq

  2. ThatEmoBandTrash says:

    I’m sorry the jacket you’re wearing in the beginning is absolutely adorable

  3. LJ Popsey says:

    Omg this is so cute! You are so talented! Girl power! Xx

  4. B Bunny says:

    Dogs can smell wayyy better than we can I would’ve sat the dog house while it was apart outside to let it dry that paint smell is going to be so harsh on the dog and I wouldn’t put food and water in there unless it’s not for him sleeping in to. Such a small place to have him sleep and eat.

  5. RoseyLeila says:


  6. Kaiplx says:

    You should put a heart with his name in it above the door <3

  7. majia says:

    Wow the dog house came out amazing, fantastic work guys! +1 for flowers on the roof!!!!

  8. Alice Darque says:

    The dog house actually looks like it’s made from redwood (notice the natural red hue). It’s a soft wood that chips very easily. Quite often it’s used to make patio furniture. Cedar pine is actually very durable and a blonde wood, naturally. It’s a natural insect repellent and quite often used to line closets.

  9. AviatorsGirl says:

    You guys should put a cozy soft pink dog bed inside the dog house, Toshi will appreciate it. My dog loves to lay on anything soft. Can’t wait to see your new puppy!! πŸ’•πŸΆ

  10. Ruby says:

    Kelly! Consider putting laminate flooring on the bottom of the dog house for easy cleaning. Since it’s a puppy mess ups will happen and it’s a lot easier to wipe on tile.

  11. Ruby says:

    Didn’t realize you had so many vets and dog experts watching you. Wow you must feel so lucky to have all these unnecessary opinions.

  12. TheHeroSaver says:

    Depending on how adventurous the puppy becomes you could almost just take the roof off and tuck a blanket and pillow in there so he can sleep in your room or hang inside when you need to do videos but still get some light and be able to see you. Too bad that doghouse didn’t come with more of an open feel inside like another window type thing for when you do want to close the door and use the lock yet not trying to make him feel trapped.

  13. alyx bodden says:

    i would keep an eye on the house to make sure he doesnt scratch and chip the paint and then start eating the chips, puppies eat everything. the top coat should help im sure. i found out that dogs will get into things you never thought possible first hand. good luck and enjoy!! bringing a puppy into the family is such a special time πŸ™‚

  14. ayewb says:

    That heart lock was a”door”able

  15. nu says:

    Also some people are saying a sign above the door with his name would be cute, I agree. I also like the flower idea! Also you know how animals work. I saw that your family has dogs and you used to live with a cat. Silly gooses!

  16. Dre Ronayne says:

    I didn’t realize so many of your viewers were educated dog trainers and vets! Wow so much great and totally legit info in this comment section!

    (yes that was sarcasm. We already have a trainer who has been helping us prep for Toshi already and are cross referencing with his new vet)

  17. Witch's Brew Sims says:

    The more subscribers Kelly is getting, the more people are knit picking… Im happy her channel is growing, which is great! But sucks people can’t just let it go when they don’t get an answer on something

    • Kelly Eden says:

      +Witch’s Brew Sims yeah I’m curious what brought this on? Not sure how to handle it?

    • Witch's Brew Sims says:

      +Kelly Eden​ Aw im sorry Kelly. It’s okay just keep being you
      I did notice you and Dre were posted on reddit for the Pastel Goth video in the beauty guru part of reddit. I had a friend send me the link cuz she recognized that I watch your videos. Idk. But it’ll work out in the end. The Internet is going through a phase. Even Eugenia Cooney gets alot of hate and she’s like the most positive youtuber I know of. I hope all this phase on YouTube passes soon, it’s been tense

    • Kaitlyn Robbins says:

      Kelly Eden don’t let the negativity bring you down! Just be the positive person you are because it radiates πŸ’—

  18. Rachel L says:

    People debating the color choices forget it’ll all be grey to Toshi lol.

  19. Zeba F says:

    Kelly’s sister’s birthday- March 28th

    my birthday- March 28th

    conclusion: I am Kelly’s sister. sweet. β˜†β™‘β˜† :]

  20. Daisies says:

    That pink glitter on that room’s wall is subtle but so fricking cute

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