“Jazz” Home Protection German Shepherd Prospect – K9-1.com

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11 month old female German Shepherd. Elevated and also trained for residence security and individual defense. Fully obedience trained and individual security. Genetically a REALLY safety canine of home as well as family members. Contact us to get Jazz or for other canines

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22 Comments on ““Jazz” Home Protection German Shepherd Prospect – K9-1.com”

  1. 2 inch padded collar for her to lunge against when we do the protection work so that she doesn’t damage her trachea.

  2. She is a beautiful dog – and I am relieved you are such a responsible person. Thank goodness you screen potential owners. I believe GSDs are so intelligent they can be trained for any purpose. I have had two.

  3. I’ve been fascinated with the differences between Therapy and protective dogs. We have a special needs family member that we’re getting a licensed therapy dog for but I would like to add a doberman as a guard dog later. Could the dogs get along? Your thoughts?

  4. She definitely does go after the man, we wouldn’t waste anyone’s time our ours since we guarantee said temperaments. If you are not bonded with her you WILL be bit if you walk in her home or even try to touch her. That is why she is in our GUARD dog program. Yes, the video shows her basic protection targeting on a suit with her trainers, but doesn’t mean she doesn’t bite for real. We just didn’t have anyone at the facility the day we taped her that she wasn’t bonded with.

  5. Jacob, use our contact form on our website with your contact info and I can see what we can do for you.

  6. Had to click this video, I got a German Shepherd, he’s the same age and has the same name, couldn’t believe the coincidence when you said how old she was. (Obviously, this video was in 2012 so they are not the same age, but still pretty crazy)

    1. Johnna Curry working line German Shepherds and Mals play very rough. They’re not fighting, it’s the way they show affection. I have a German Shepherd protection K9 and his favorate game is to fight me for the bite sleeve or tug.

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