Inside George H.W. Bush’s Special Bond With Service Dog Sully | TODAY

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Sully, George H.W. Bush’s service dog of six months, remained faithful to him until the very end, lying beside the former president’s casket in a touching photo seen by millions. TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie takes a closer look at their friendship and how the beloved pup helped Bush in his final months.
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Inside George H.W. Bush’s Special Bond With Service Dog Sully | TODAY


34 Comments on “Inside George H.W. Bush’s Special Bond With Service Dog Sully | TODAY”

    1. Rest in peace. Presidente bush I know dogs are man best friend. Like Sully. Dogs will go to heaven my service dog cherry has been a. A.lot.of help. It has help to get better thank you God.

    2. Our dog, a golden retriever , watched over my husband when he was so ill and she laid down to him when he died. She was there in the church and during the funural…..and waited for my husband even mounths. It has hurt me so much

  1. This year has been the worst year of my life. So many amazing people gone. Steven Hawking, Stan Lee, XXXTENTACION, and so many more.

    1. Indeed 2018 has been a horrible year. Alot of sad things have taken place. I’ve lost my grandparents both within months of each other. Please God, spare us more drama for what’s left of this month !!!

  2. Sully is a true service dog the Air lines need to take note of for boarding planes and refuse those who want to board with so called companion dogs. Big difference!!!

  3. What a great dog, Sully. Makes me miss my own yellow Lab, Rascal which passed away at 16 in October. He would have been 17 had he made it to this month. Job well done, Sully!! The President will miss you.

    1. +E 76 Yes, I would expect that from a Hitler or a Stalin or a man who runs the mafia in Chicago. 3000 dead in Panama, hundreds of thousands dead in Iraq. He missed his day in court but I guess he now has some ‘splaining to do do to a much Higher Authority.

  4. “Keeping President Bush company on that last night in Houston” 😢
    Everyone should know a dog’s love & loyalty at least once in their lifetime. They really are the best beings on this planet 💙

  5. Awwww.👍🏼……Sully!!!🐕……..You are 🥇the Best!!!……..Good Luck in your Next♿️ Assignment!!!…….You Make the World 🌎a Better place to Life 🌈in!!!…….🇺🇸

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