Information about Dog foods… Saurabh dog kennel

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All breeds available with breed guarantee.
Saurabh dog kennel luxa road Varanasi Delevry all over India.
Dog Training centre
Dog Hostel
All Type Of Puppies Available With 100% breed gurantee Pom,Labrador,German,Pug,Doberman Saurabh Dog Kennel
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Dog metting and Studd Service Centre
Dog food & acceseries Dog Medikal shop medicine and Treatment everything just
all breeds available with certificate and purity paper.
We deal with Quality products and breeds.
We are pet lover not Pet salers.
We respect your emotions and feelings.
call 9140752208
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35 Comments on “Information about Dog foods… Saurabh dog kennel”

    1. ASHWANI KUMAR bro go for smartheart powerpack wdout any doubt and do watch its review on my channel and all info for rott.

  1. Guys don’t give dog food this contains a lot of preservation and also the chicken quality is not such good and a doc very well explainese that the doctors get a %of money from the sale of dog food

    1. Joshva Dsouza who the hell told u to feed so do whatever u want. U should know that everyone has difference mind…it’s not ur business to be here

  2. Royal canin best but price jada hai ,Smart heart is also better choice and price is also nominal

  3. My GSD is very thin everyone says it’s not pure breed but all veitenary doctors says it’s 100%pure how can I give it a nutrition full diet please help sourabh brother!!!!😰😰😰😰

    1. With my opinion first you should give a multivitamins any type….but liquid are best. Then start Pedigree brand dog food which pack comes in meat and milk. First week give in small amount and next week increase diet. I have also face same situation like this. So I think this is best for your dog.

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