Indoor Outdoor Dog Kennel With Camera | THE Handyman |

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Dog door

Extreme weather dog door

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31 Comments on “Indoor Outdoor Dog Kennel With Camera | THE Handyman |”

  1. Maybe if you put a roof on the outside cage it would solve the water problem! Just an idea. Good Job 👍. Vinny 🇺🇸Enjoying your channel.

  2. I put one of those doors in a back garage door for my sister-in-law years ago. Her dog had the run of the garage and the back yard. It allowed the dog to escape the heat in the summer and cold in the winter here in Oklahoma. It was an easy and simple install and never had any trouble with it. The only worry I’d have with one is if a skunk, raccoon or opossum found it.

  3. I need one of those cams! I have a group of kids that pass my house every day and they give my poor dog hell and when I got on to them for throwing sticks over the fence at my dog one of them a 7 yr old boy called me every cuss word in the book.

  4. One way to prevent anyone from getting through a doggie door is to put a short (approximately 12” wooden box) on the exterior wall of the building. Then connect it at a 45° angle to another short box-like tunnel. The dog can go into the short enclosed walkway/tunnel and make a sharp turn into the boxed entrance at the doggie door. No person could get into the tunnel or make that sharp of a turn to go through the doggie door.

  5. In your opinion, would the extreme weather doggy door be sufficient for a Canadian winter? I’m in Ontario so we get some pretty cold winters. Tfs 🙂

    1. I have the “extreme” version installed in a door here in Utah, not good quality at all, leaks air like a giant hole in the door, looking to make my own version that has three panels each side.

  6. Great channel, love your videos, keep up the good work, really considering a major change in my life and also thinking about a career change to a handyman. Thx for all your great advice, bids, dos and don’ts that you share with us all. 😎🌵👍

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