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This amazing service dog knows EXACTLY how to take care of his mom after her brain injury 👏👏👏

Video by: Laszlo Toth
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53 Comments on “Incredible Service Dog Takes The Best Care Of His Mom | The Dodo”

    1. Somer Darnell I know what she is like so you should stop telling YOUR false bullshit. It’s not fooling anyone. People have seen how she really acts.

    1. Heleen Orange I don’t think it’s possible for dogs to start washing machines, unless there’s a video showing just that

  1. This is such a beautiful vid of what us service dogs do for our people. Good boy Colt keep up the great work!
    <3 service dog Chester

  2. This dog is smart

    This dog is a hard worker

    He still has time to play

    He cleans up after himself

    He put the food in the cart

    He finishes the chores

    He is an adorable dog

    He is a energetic dog

    He is a hard working dog

    Wow this dog can do everything I’m just surprised and shook

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