I didn’t know why she behaved this way and neither did the vet (surprising answer below)

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After completing this video, we learned what's the medical problem Snowbird is suffering from that causes the weakness in her hind legs. The source of the problem is actually in her HEART and her condition is called: Cardiac Shunt.

Later on today the cardiologist will determine if we can fix this with surgery or by managing this condition with medication. Please keep your fingers crossed for her, and if you can, please get your own Lucky Leash today and ALL the funds will go towards her medical care:

If you would like to adopt Snowbird, please contact our friends at ART N' Paws: – they have been so amazing in working with the neurologist and cardiologist.

Hope For Paws will of course pay for all of her medical care and I just wanted to thank you all for your support.


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74 Comments on “I didn’t know why she behaved this way and neither did the vet (surprising answer below)”

  1. Another amazing rescue to make my day just a bit better. I cant say enough how much I think of you guys as heroes. Love you! And thank you!

    1. +Gemma Jowett I dont think they understand how comments and threads work lol. I’m sure they meant to post a new comment and not on mine lol

  2. Oh my gosh this dog is so cute! At 2:43 you can see her expression change so much. Her previous owner must have driven her around a lot or something. You must microchip your dog! Anyway keep it up guys!

    1. JLWP7 I think they should find the owner. snowbird looks like the run away dogs. I have two bichon frise and they just loooove to run away when they have a chance. we never treat them bad, and always give them much love.

    2. +x2pm Hahaha Yeah we gotta microchip or at least tag it with contact info. I know what you mean, my parents have a chihuahua and every now and then he runs away and terrorizes all the neighbourhood dogs, gotta secure your place really wellXD

  3. So cute! I really like her! Even though I’m not in US, l will keep donate to help animal that they really need someone like hope for paws to help them!! =)

  4. Dear Hope For Paws
    You are my inspiration and in my future I plan to
    save animals just like you do. I am still a child but I have big plans. I am fond of baking so I will bake at certain times of the week and then look out for the animals the rest of my time. Animals are my passion and I wouldn’t be me if my dog wasn’t there. I’m so agitated about the orangutans homes being destroyed and I’m going to make flyers soon to stop people from buying lots of cheap products made from Palm oil. I hope you save many animals
    From a big fan

  5. I honestly have no idea why people thumbs down these videos i guess they just dont care about other living things but themselves 😩

    1. Renee Anders I mean like I love how they make these vids and save animals but there sad and maybe some people just hate seeing sad things about animals like me

  6. These white Maltese/Poodle dogs are always homeless since they require a lot of upkeep and grooming, I think owners who are too lazy to wash and groom these dogs grow tired of looking at them since dirt looks more dramatic on their fur so they just dump them on the streets and don’t even look back

    1. +Jolle1216 Definitely a bichon. I’m a little stunned at how she looks identical to my dog though, I don’t think I’ve seen many videos of other bichons. When I say identical though, I mean I could actually confuse my Perla who I’ve had with me for around 4 or 5 years with this little girl >~>

    2. They definitely require regular grooming. It’s an extra expense and hassle I’m sure a lot of people don’t count on when they see that cute puppy on the internet.

    3. thats true, our toy poodle grows fur fast, we wash and groom her routinely. this dog looked so much like mine at the end of the video it was uncanny!

    4. +AvrgDerk i have two bichons and you are definately right,this is what she is ,and I’m laughing because she looks like my Angel as well !!!their gorgeous little dogs ,but do need special grooming as their non malting lol !!

  7. I love dogs from all my heart . But the sad thing about humans is that theh only want to love those animals that they find cute . Whereas on the other hand chickens , pigs and cattle are getting slaughtered everyday , even though they deserve to be loved equally.
    May all animals find love in this cruel world

    1. +Rosie Bella Have you discovered something called punctuation and spelling? It’s hard to even understand what the heck you’re trying to complain about in here

    2. +D A people eat whatever they have on hand and whatever can be farmed with the resources they have. Dogs, rats. Anything is fair game in the eyes of poverty and starvation.

    3. +Alan Pollock Did you seriously just reply to every single comment that had a different opinion than yours? Stop spamming my notifications, ffs.

    4. Devanshu Mishra Plus hundreds of donkeys in South Africa that are slaughtered in the most appalling manner to keep their skins intact. Why? So that their skins can be sent to the Far East. Another blot on our government.

    5. +halli you don’t own the comment section, I literally replied to only one of yours.
      If you don’t want to get notifications, mute them and move on.

  8. Im 13. I really really want to donate but I don’t have any credit cards, so I’m going to support you!! I know that won’t help you very much but I hope it will… I plan on becoming a vet one day.

  9. She looks exactly like my 2 malti-poos! They both developed the same rear legs weakness, both due to a heart murmur. I lost 1 in January (not heart related) and the younger one is right here laying beside me. Energy Tonic (from Pets Alive–sprinkled in their food) put an end to the weakness in 7 days!

    1. The “Lucky Leash” is his endless supply of leashes that he puts on the animals he rescues. The minute they get those leashes on, their lives change for the better. I think the rescues are Lucky to get them. His leashes all have a similar pattern, when he brings it out — my heart is warmed by the love they show these poor little rescues.

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