HUSKY LOVES FISH TACO | BarkBox UnBoxing with the Snow Dogs

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49 Comments on “HUSKY LOVES FISH TACO | BarkBox UnBoxing with the Snow Dogs”

  1. oh my lord i while i was watching this when Jessica squeeked the avacato ball my rottie ran in to my room bc he thought it was a mouse! so funny!

  2. I loved Shelby wanting the fish taco, Memphis reactions to the squeaky toy. I especially loved Oakley kissing you and her putting her arms around yours to get the treat. So sweet and yes, i agree it was adorable. It is so good to see her happy and healthy.

  3. I’ve got a concern, My neighbours have a very aggressive pitbull. Every time that dog sees Venus (My Alusky ) , it runs towards my alusky to attack her. Since aluskys are good runners, Venus manages to run towards safety before a tragedy takes place. My question is, will my Alusky defend herself in an attack? I’m asking because of the breed friendly nature.

    1. Even if she does defend herself she’ll get torn up and possibly die. Why in the hell are those 2 dogs loose in the first place?

    2. Well +JanetAlmodovar I used to let my dog loose outside my frontyard so she can play around (My front yard is way bigger than my back yard ) but I always got Venus back inside. This pitbull just manages to jump my neighbours yard when it sees another dog. I will never let my alusky loose without my supervision.

    3. +GriffinFulgueras all that has been discussed but it looks like they know nothing about the pitbull breed. What I have done is to keep Venus inside and her exercise routine are completed at the park. What worries me is Venus super friendly nature, I will never want her to be aggressive but neither let her be bullied by other dogs.

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