HOW to Train a Real Protection Dog PART 2 (

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Security Canine Training Part 1 here: This is for academic purposes just and no dog need to be learnt personal security training without the supervision of a certified individual defense dog trainer. Most likely to our website for more aid:

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35 Comments on “HOW to Train a Real Protection Dog PART 2 (”

    1. I wouldn’t do this with just the owners as the dog is bonded with the owners and is training to protect them. If one of the owners plays the bad guy then it just confuses the dog as to what to do.

    2. Yeah in one of their other videos they say that an owner should never act as an agitator. If done these way the dog will always view them as a potential threat

  1. one year ago I adopted a dog which had a troubled past, he is 3 years old and he is particularly attached to me, we are living togheter, we travel togheter and we also go to the university togheter… I’d love to teach him to protect me when I need but he is not so confident, he see me as his master and I guess he use me to be protected.. during one of our trip, we had a bad experience with two men but he thought was nice to have people around so he did act playfully and not protective toward me…
    he is protective toward an other little dog he lives with, but it’s really hard for me teach him to protect me because of his fear of people who looks angry

    1. Literally any breed can be a protection dog, though of course, smaller ones are less effective during an actual attack

  2. so far I wouldn’t trust that handler handling that dog in public, would love to see the dog tell the difference between threat and just a friend running up.

    1. dogs perceive the tonality in the voice of the threat.. the trainer is doing the right thing by teaching it not to attack unless on cue or immediate danger.

  3. i have a question:
    i have seen dogs of the nomadic shepherd people their dogs have not gotten any type of training but still they attack and tear people when someone passes by their huts, and even these dogs drop you off of a motorcycle and attack you., i think more you confine your dog to a alone place more aggressive it will be. i mean if a dog is always in contact with people around or is always free to roam in streets it will not protect either owner or home.

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