How to Train a Protection Dog to Hit Hard (

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Educating an individual security pet dog is far more complex than the average person assumes if you want the pet dog to be an expert at safeguarding the proprietor as well as him/herself. This canine training video clip reveals the "fast variation" of how to educate a pet dog to strike the agitator HARD when the dog might be challenged. In reality each step should be provided for longer time periods compared to seen in the video clip as well as there is likewise a lot of forerunner job, such as targeting the dog to the correct bite locations before you would expect the pet dog to attack at this degree. You can locate even more info at

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31 Comments on “How to Train a Protection Dog to Hit Hard (”

  1. Ok, the expert of dog training really doesn’t quite good in videography. But you know what? i still subscribed your channel! Well done for your professionalism!

  2. @bladeimm Yes, it is real possibility. This does happen to dogs, that is why it is important the “agitators” are well trained. Most protection dog and sport people are very careful who they allow to take bites from their dogs. The agitator’s job is more difficult than most people realize and can take years to master.

  3. @chriswoodie I know, sorry you have to put up with our corniness to get to the main points. Obviously we can’t do this particular exercise without a suit, but yes we do need to “proof” the dogs on hidden suits and “muzzle” attacks. You can see some examples in our other videos if you search around. The dog in the video WILL bite for real, but we only know because we tested her.

  4. Great work guys! Great response to the negatives left by incompetent bullies. I have two working females plus 4 mos old pup in training, It’d love to come with my K9s for a training session with you. Keep up great work, maybe we’ll meet at nationals one day, too. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

  5. Before I started watching your videos I was against this type of training, now I’m interested in training personal protection dogs when I’m older (I’m 14 now) . As well as other types of training.

  6. my 8 month old rottwieler [jesus] can do all that, thanks to you guys, only difference is i do not have to pull him off he releases when i say “release” i enjoy watching your make them entertaining and fun.not teadiess and boring keep up the good work

    1. The dog has excellent obedience training, but allowing the dog to pull the suit off is a reward at this stage of the training.  Watch our other videos to see dogs doing call offs.

  7. There is one mistake in this dog that a lot of trainers fail to realize when the suit is taken off the dog should not still be attacking the suit the dog should still be focused on the man or prey

    1. kasai saenthavysouk … depends on the stage the dog is in training. muzzle no suit will show the work

  8. My trained Malamute does the barking….my Desert Eagle does the biting, if and when it comes to such.  I think it rather sad all these “he men” risk their companion at the forefront of situations that they themselves should be controlling.

    1. +katie leezer and just to add, I think very few dogs born in the USA are cut out for protection work due to breeding for confirmation above all else. A fear biter that is taught to bite more effectively IS dangerous. I think it takes a good trainer to recognize dogs who just aren’t good candidates for protection work.

    2. +katie leezer we live in the middle of nowhere on 32 acres. There are 3 other houses close, but otherwise it’s just fields. It’s a bad area for burglary though , and the people who know the area, have warned that an intruder wouldn’t come from the front, but would come from the woods in the back of our house.That’s scary to me, home along with the baby all day. Sometimes my terv seems confident and barks at strangers that come up to the house until I tell her it’s okay. But other times i think she would just hide behind me! Lol .I don’t think she has when it takes for protection work.Which is sad because the first terv I had would have been PERFECT for protection work. A bit harder to finish in comformation, but she would have eventually.I wanted the best of both worlds and she would have been just that. But she died at age 2 from fungal meningitis.I got another pup from the same breeder who is beautiful..will easily finish in the show ring,but I don’t think she’s a protection prospect

    3. +katie leezer But my malamutes do…and that’s all the time I need to bring fire power to the situation…if such is called for…and there’s more arms around here than just one ol’ eagle…lots more!

    4. +katie leezer Set up some ranging targets out along the edge of the woods out back…with specific distance (in feet) numbers boldly painted on them…than fire off a couple dozen rounds at each target so that it’s obviously been sighted-in…now you are ready for someone trying to come at you from your woods.

  9. I do this for a living and videos could use a lil less talking and a little more action. Just put the dog to work and show everything a lil better. And have things a bit more put together. Would make the videos so much easier to watch and enjoy.

    1. +350Zgurl It helps for him to speak like that because pretty much everything he said is really relevant. The details make the difference because the dogs we’re looking to train don’t talk… I would hate to be “missing something” and wondering what’s going on. Do you have any videos of your work as well?

  10. Firstly, you have to know your dog’s behaviour plus treat your dog as the way they think if you wish to put an end to the unexpected biting, chewing, digging from your dog.

    1. This complete basic training program may help you have a great dog as you always wish to, learn more here:

  11. I see a lot of people criticizing this work I say put your money where your mouth is and put your best dog against their best dog simple enough

  12. I LOVE seeing passionate trainers encouraging and capitalizing on awesome natural and shaped behaviors of strong dogs. That decoy knows exactly what he is doing and that Dog in the video is a “Happy Athlete” 

    The Decoy has great timing and consistently absorbs the bites and he is well aware of the creases he produces in his training jacket for nice pocket bite bars. 

    I would love to train with these guys and drink a few beers and generally just hang out with these dudes. It’s what it’s ALL ABOUT! They are doing this stuff in their backyard and having fun, and anyone who truly knows how to read dog behavior can clearly see that the dogs are enjoying themselves and great behaviors are being shaped, re-enforced, and sustained. 

    CHEERS to K91. I will come train with you guys anyway and I’d Love to learn a few things and maybe teach a few tricks that I have self-discovered as a fellow Bite-Junkie! 

    Ya’ll Keep Doing What Ya’ll Are Doing, I Support Ya’ll 100%

    – Cody

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