How to train a dog to wear a muzzle (

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Most likely to for more information on training your pet to put on a muzzle, on-line pet training, as well as various other suggestions for canine trainers. The muzzle in the video clip is a basket muzzle. Educating a dog to such as a muzzle takes patience, but it'ses a good idea off.

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17 Comments on “How to train a dog to wear a muzzle (”

  1. How Ironic I was just working on my dog on his association with the muzzle and I came back to see this. He doesn’t really need it, but if something ever happens. Say he gets hurt badly and won’t let the vet handle him I would rather him allow me to place the muzzle.

  2. You are great for dog owners/adoptions w/ these vids.. I wish I would’ve known about you when I was wrking w/ my Belgian Malinois & getting them more used to the muzzle. I could’ve saved alot of wasted time struggling w/ them everytime no matter how fun I tried to make it.. Great work, keep it up!

  3. ThanQ, Man. I do pet rescues from kill shelters. This week I took 4 dogs home who want to dominate. I have them divided up into 3 rooms and a crate. My bf now sleeps with 1. Me with 2… on the floor. 2x a night its potty time for the giant puppy which wakes the rest so then they all have to pee. By the time they each go out the puppy has to go out again. I am a zombie. I am in way over my head this time and Your video cleared up many questions I had. I’m ordering cages in the a.m. You rock.

  4. Awesome vids! wicked dogs! great tips, I love your approach… female rott is rude with other dogs on a leash….Im using a harness and its hard to control, a prong collar makes her worse, and she has ripped up her neck…..any tips on better equipment?? Plus Ill be doing sum extensive training with her, this aggressive behavior started at 2, and shes a VERY big girl now. Wish me luck!! Oh and ya, MARRY ME MIKE I LOVE YOU!! XOXOXO lol

  5. lol i just got a 2 year old rott this summer. Took him about 3 days to learn to walk. And he would not even let us put a leash or colar on him the first day. cesar millan vids are needed for you. It is not that hard. And get a real colar, no harness.

  6. Great video. I love your dogs. I have a 3 1/2 year old American Staffordshire terrier who’s the sweetest fog on earth but due to legislation here in Spain I have to walk him with a muzzle. He is uncomfortable with it snd I think is is because he notices I’m uncomfortable with him wearing a muzzle. I’ll try to get him to know the object first and get familiarized with it. Thanks for the tutorial.

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