How to Train a Dog to Track (trail). An easy Intro (

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Pet dogs already understand how to comply with the fragrance of an individual and also track. We only educate the pet dog when to track and exactly what to track. Tracking is a wide term that permits the canine to follow aroma in the manner in which makes the hunt most convenient for the canine at the moment. Pure monitoring is following footprints only which could not constantly have human fragrance existing and is best matched for affordable sports. Check out for more details.

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26 Comments on “How to Train a Dog to Track (trail). An easy Intro (”

  1. Awesome stuff.

    I remember reading an e-book that said that a dog should smell scent with it’s head up – any evidence to support this or not?

    1. I don’t believe the trainer should force the dog to do anything with trailing. Dogs left to do it their own way, consistently do better than when we interfere too much.

  2. This is an incredibly informative video; I’m honestly blown away! I train service dogs, so I have never put thought into the techniques of trailing. It was so fun to watch the dogs trail; watching them use such a primal feature of their body is a beautiful thing. I have wanted to come to your classes, but I am not local. Have any trainer recommendations for the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area with similar views to you? I just want to keep soaking up information, ya’ know? How you talk about your job and these dogs is very inspirational and I can appreciate the dedication you’ve put into your career and these animals. One day, maybe, I’ll be that stellar lol!

    1. I’ve been studying training a dog and discovered a fantastic resource at Bevs Booster Guide (look it up on google)

  3. Hello sir. I was wondering if you can train my 19 week german shepherd puppy. I really want my GSP to be a k9. If you can’t that ok

  4. You know I never thought of the separation while walking as a pack instinct. Our GSD does not allow any one to wonder off while on walks. She gets a little nutty and is very protective of the babies and pups.

  5. Hi. Unfortunately you didn’t talk about the direction of the wind. Do you take in consideration of wind even at the beginning of the training?

  6. Great job I’ve got a blue heeler mix right now in training , out of all the dogs I’ve worked with he is a great dog for tracking ! Very proud of him by far one of the best !

  7. I work security for a few different clubs and recently we have noticed some evidence of narcotics use inside our facilities. We would like to have a K-9 Trained to detect the odor of certain narcotics to help us detect the people bringing them into the clubs. They are all in the same building just on different floors. So we would like to have a K-9 Stationed at the main entrance where we can monitor everyone coming in. Can we ask your help in training a dog to detect the odor of narcotics?

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