How to Train a Dog to Take Treats Nicely –

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24 Comments on “How to Train a Dog to Take Treats Nicely –”

  1. @salford08 aaah index finger! Housebreaking is a little complex to do the right way in one video – since many factors. But, I am working on a series of videos for this. Remember to subscribe so you don’t miss it when does come out. In meantime definitely invest in a crate to break the overnight habit and find a schedule that works – even if you have to set an alarm clock to get her out. Set her up for success and slowly add time to the schedule. Leave her out only supervised. Good luck!

  2. @beanstravels2 No,not a joke – but she is still awesome!She comes with free lifetime training support. She may not be perfect, but will make someone an awesome companion. She was in a home for six years before she became inconvenience – was good with the family and their child. She has meds for incontinence . Not therepy dog material – but will offer good security to a home that doesn’t have many visitors. She will warm up to new people/outsiders that are going to be a normal part of her life.

  3. I would sooooooo get her but we just got a rescue german/austrailian shepherd pup a week ago. If we didnt i would of gotten charlotte in a heart beat

  4. OMG Dude… Thank you so much for posting this video. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this before… We tried your technique on our dog who was abused as a pup and was always looking for food (and grabbing it right out of our hands aggressively)… 5 secs.. That’s all it took to get to her figure it out… Again, thank you so so much for posting… = ) You rock!

  5. I thx to k9 team, because I learn lost of think about dog from this channel……
    I have a prob with my dog, My dog jump to strangers, plz update video for this prob…..

    1. +renzo cabarios Umm.. that is horrible inaccurate to assume.  If it’s a tiny dog that could be too much, and if it’s a high energy dog that is no where near enough.

    2. +Amrinder Singh If your dog is doing that it may be because it’s excitable.  That could be from too much energy which means you have to play with it to tire it out.  a walk if it’s a small dog can help, but if it has high energy it requires to play fetch, nose games, running, etc.

  6. Love both techniques. I volunteer at a dog shelter and I bring in treats for the dogs, but they bite down when they take them. Partly they’re excited, but partly they’re trying to stop other dogs from getting their treats. I’m totally trying out both of these techniques tomorrow! Thanks for sharing.

  7. thank you so much 😊 my husky caught on after the 1st try! No more trying to eat my fingers with the treats!!!

  8. I got a dog from a rescue. He is 8 years old. He pees on the same spot in my kitchen but seems to know to do it when I can’t catch him in the act. How can I stop this behavior?

  9. My doggy took treat poorly when we got him.

    I worked with him forever and he got much better. But he’s back in his bad habit. I just got my hand snapped off. So here I am.

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