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  1. Dog Training by says:

    We use tasty reward treats from “dogtrainerfood” DotCom

  2. James Cohen says:

    Is a silent stay a better method than a verbal stay?
    Stay as a command worked brilliantly with my sisters black lab/collie who I pretty much raised for her for the first two years. Her obedience is fantastic. I just think it’s worth knowing if a silent stay and free command are overall better as I do like your method more.

    • 44prot says:

      +James Cohen incorporating a release word helps to teach the dog not to pop up out of a sit, down or stand position. It conditions them to remain until they hear the release word. That’s not to say that a “verbal stay” doesn’t have it’s value or it’s place. It teaches them to remain in the position that was just cued , until given the next cue. (free, heel, come, and so on)

  3. Sachin Nair says:

    Lucky dog.

  4. Wayne Norman says:

    Trainer is professional and hot. Subscribed

  5. MrGoodBite says:

    Teaching the Down from the Sit position teaches the dog to unknowingly “creep”
     forward while going into the Down position.  For pets, who cares, but for comp, it will be points deducted.  Teaching Down from a standing position is ideal.  They drop straight down.  That’s just my two cents.  

    • Landon Pontiff says:

      MrGoodBite this video isn’t for competition dogs just for well behaved pets

    • SOUL4CASH NOrefunds says:

      MrGoodBite swear…I hate watching treat feeding tricks cause if they don’t want the treat they won’t respond to a command in a real life situation

    • Dylan Conger says:

      Absolutely right but even for a pet if you need to drop your dog it takes longer if they sit to down.

    • Zachariah Frankenstein says:

      SOUL4CASH NOrefunds idk where you get those facts from. I treat command train my dog and she does the command without the treat in real life situation. Trick is to teach them with the treat at first and then continue to train the same command but take the treat out of the equation and they will learn to do the command by simply being told. You still have to praise them for doing a good job.

  6. Micah Orozco says:

    Weirds thing about me is I don’t even have a dog.

  7. greenshp says:

    This drives me nuts: correct grammar is LIE down. Not lay down.

    • Fue Reid says:

      +Allan donald I’m not one who will point out improper grammar though, not unless it’s so far off it’s making it hard to comprehend. Mine isn’t perfect but I find it important to at least make the attempt to correct little things. the little things go a long way and they should be emphasized much more in school.

    • Allan donald says:

      +Jaden Maignan That is a valid example then.  That is like people that think ironic and coincedence are the same thing. 

      But notice how you’re commenting on what could’ve been a person on their phone where it auto-corrected to “lie” and they were too lazy to change it when you’re saying you’re too lazy to put quotes? 😛 

    • Fue Reid says:

      +Allan donald +Allan donald lol notice how I wasn’t correcting the YouTuber on putting lay rather than lie, I was just expressing my mutual distaste for the use or misuse of the two words as the commenter. more like a haha same here with green rather than wtf is wrong with everyone not knowing the proper use of the words.

    • Fue Reid says:

      +Allan donald I wouldn’t have even commented about the improper grammar if green didn’t. I would’ve ignored it like I usually do everyday, because in all honesty the point of this video isn’t to promote proper grammar while using improper grammar in the title. That’d be ironic lol.

    • Allan donald says:

      +Jaden Maignan Look at that! Full circle event.  What a coincedence.

  8. Smoke says:

    Don’t mind me, I’m just here to watch the cute dog.

  9. Meadow Rain says:

    I had my dog watch this video and he still doesn’t get it!! He just looks at it. Is my dog dumb? … lol

  10. Dustin Medinazz says:

    This trick also works on my girlfriend..

  11. Jose Herrera says:

    slim thick

  12. Generic Geek 1 says:

    my dog just stands instead…reverse training?

    • Green Veggie says:

      There is no rule on what word you want to use for a behavior… 🙂
      My dog doesn’t speak one english word, but knows tons of tricks (I’m from norway).

    • Ookami Kage says:

      +I Am The Vegan
      The problem isn’t them knowing english. it is them doing the wrong thing and they aren’t doing much about it. This needs to be corrected because it is wrong.

    • Generic Geek 1 says:

      Thanks for the help

    • Ookami Kage says:

      It’s like rewarding or not correcting when a person stands on a chair instead of sitting.

    • Green Veggie says:

      Train your dog to understand what you mean, this method is scientifically proven to work, while positive punishment doesn’t.

      Also, on a young puppy, once he knows any behavior, you can change the cue in a matter of minutes! 🙂

      “Stand” is actually a more complicated move, so praise the dog and give treats, and at the same time say “stand”. Dogs learn best if the behavior comes naturally, I recommend using a clicker as well, you can “catch” the behaviors quicker with a clicker.

      KaelWulf is wrong about “correcting” if he means punishing. Do not punish or yell at a puppy/dog, ever, period.

      It will destroy your bond with the dog (the most important part with off-leash recalls), and it has zero effect. 🙂

  13. Jack X says:

    Jesus christ… this stuff is rocket science!!

  14. A says:

    I have a really small yorkie so she like won’t lay down?

    • Stephanie Cheek says:

      Haleigh Walker we have 2 chis and they don’t like lying down on floors. Maybe that’s the issue? Def start on carpet! They were fussy at first but we got them to do it eventually perfectly!!

    • Ivory Grigg says:

      I have a pit bull and the same problem

    • A. L. says:

      I have a hyper Pomeranian and she learned how to lay down but I can’t seem to get her to lay down without guiding her with my hand

    • Mija Pigagaite says:

      My Scottie won’t either. There needs to be videos for little dog breeds

  15. Minahya's channel says:

    Can you give me your number so you can train my German Shepard

  16. cute animals says:

    i love spike he is soo cute zikes

  17. Kader Kadi says:

    Beautiful girl

  18. Fk Off says:

    when you do these commands, do the dogs already know this or you’re barley teaching them this as you record?

    • Ivory Grigg says:

      Nunya Bizz some are learning as they record, some already know.

    • Elliot Shenanigans says:

      I have a 11 week old German shepard that I just tried this on, took 15 times and now he’s pretty much got it. Will take some practice without treats but this was amazing

  19. Jr. Badunior says:

    I want a dog like Nadia. What a beautiful dog!

  20. geeta singh says:

    it works

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