32 Responses to “How to Train a Dog to “Leave It” (”
  1. davkenrem says:

    Beautiful Shepherd.

  2. Sean says:

    What treats are you using?

  3. blastdude89 says:

    1:05 :”Giff me treats PLS !!!” Very smart dog ! Nice presentation too. Thanks !

  4. ThePistolero2011 says:


  5. EmmyG. says:

    Is that Gypsy? She has gotten big

  6. Deejeezy405 says:

    That’s a German Shepherd? I have a Belgian Malinois and the dog in the video looks just like my Mal, except black, of course.

    • Nea Nea says:

      +Deejeezy405 Yes it is a German Shepherd

    • Beo Wulf says:

      yes I also have a jet black shepherd. uncommon color but adored everywhere he goes.

    • pandapants32 says:

      +Justin Smith blacks are not uncommon in working lines, most people think of the “traditional” black and tan German Shepards, however if you like at non show lines it’s all sables, black with tan points, and solid black.

  7. Amanda says:

    I disagree with treating the dog with the object you have told them to leave. That is training the dog that after leaving the object, they will get it – not what you want when the object is, say, a dead squirrel. I know she moves to that as stage 2, but I think that the object-to-be-ignored should NEVER be the reward: less confusing for the dog.

    • Jake Kriser says:

      Amanda so do you have a solution or you just don’t agree?

    • Guitar Man says:

      The solution is to reward the dog with a different treat from your other hand. It’s best if the dog learns from the start that they will never get the “leave it” object.

    • Kourtney B says:

      Absolutely agree! Interestingly she follows this line of thinking when she moves the treat to the ground but rewards from the other hand instead of the treat on the floor.

      I also disagree with her using “good girl” like it’s a marker. Use a clear “yes” for your marker word. As you fade the lure, then add in “good girl” as praise. This will eventually replace the food reward. Clear signals. Set the dog up for success, don’t muddy the waters.

  8. Pratiksha Sharma says:

    i hav labradore hes 8 weeks old kindly tell me what homemade treat i can give him

  9. Yeah Buddy says:

    That’s a pretty dog.

  10. feltingme says:

    But how do you get to that first step -to leave it while in your hand? I taught yesterday 11 week old Cocker Spaniel to sit using your method, and it went very well -she actually started sitting on her own without me reducing gestures. How is she going to understand, that I want her to leave it? Also, how often can we introduce new thing to learn?

  11. Jayden Esquivel says:

    You are so good with dogs

  12. Melissa Schutz says:

    Once I have gone through the 9 phase 1 videos and have taught these commands. What is the next training you recommend for a family/protection shepherd dog? Phase 2 videos appear to be same commands, but different training tools. Suggestions on next videos I should watch? Thank you so much, these videos have been very helpful.

  13. Trisha Malik says:

    this girl talks so sweetly😍😍 And also Nadia is so so cute😘

  14. Sophia K says:

    This girl is awesome!!

  15. Heike Hilscher says:

    Oh my, I wished​ they had shown us this at dog school. Maybe Lilli now would not been like a vacuum cleaner and eat EVERYTHING she can reach from the ground in a heartbeat! She was already poisened but survived and now she needs to wear a muzzle ll the time we go out. Not because she is biting and dangerous, because she is eating whatever is there. She is a Labrador- German Shepherd and Border collie mix, is that normal? But now she is 14 and I think its hopeless now…

  16. ronald williams says:

    Can anybody do a video with a dog that’s not trained at all

    • D'Lorah Smith says:

      ronald williams 1. teach them their name: say their name every time you address them and when u give them their food 2. buy a clicker (makes training sooo much easier) 3. using the clicker, teach lay down, sit, (teach down before sit because then they’ll lay down immediately instead of sitting first), stay, heel, and any other small tricks u wanna teach em 4. practice walking them inside (don’t speak to them so they know to obey) then when they seem good to go, start taking ur pup for daily walks outside

  17. zuuh 123 says:

    how old he needs to be for you to start training him?

    • Snort The Memes says:

      zuuh 123 you should start training your dog as soon as you get him or her. You should first teach him/her its name then sit, lie down and to behave on the leash. then you should teach it other things like leave it etc. Hope i helped

  18. kucibaba says:

    this is easy, but what are the next steps?

  19. Isabela Hart says:

    Naw such a beautiful dog

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