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  1. The dog is not finding heel position. It is behind and crooked each time it sits time how do you fix that? Heel position is when the dogs shoulder is lined up with your leg not behind. Are you training the dog to “lag” and “crab”  as a step in your training and if so how do you motivate  the dog to come up into the correct position later? I’m guessing you have a way to correct this before the dog sees the ring. What are your methods for these issues?

    1. Hopefully this isn’t for teaching a competition heel, since the dog is being conditioned to stay in a lagged position.

    2. This is a traditional heel. Originally called “heel” because the dog is to stay behind the heel.

  2. Excellent video. How do you separate ordinary walking nicely on a leash versus competitive heel besides using two different words?

    1. It is a german shepherd, but don’t get it mixed up with a Malinois because they are skinnier and more agile.

  3. I am pausing and working with my puppy as you go. This channel is such a huge help, and my border collie has gotten this down just in two hours of work and play in between! Thank you so much

  4. I agree with Carolyn this is wrong she is training the dog to lag, the withers should be lined up with your hip bone and shoulder. If I was a judge, she would lose a lot of points as I would consider the dog lagging.

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    2. Ya i was thinking the same as jana.

      But after reading the trainers explanation it makes alot of sens to have the dog at the heel. I have allways been nervous of stepping on the dogs feet when doing a left turn and it often ends up a bit clumsy.
      I really apreciate the videos it is hard to find good quality training videos like this

  5. Cripes a lot of trolls on here…I followed this video with my english bulldog starting at 10 weeks…he is 16 weeks now and no treats are needed…he plops his but right down at every corner too….Well done and thanks

  6. my dog won’t listen. when I tell him heel and move the treat to my side, he doesn’t follow. He just sits there because the rest it out of reach to him. Any methods to help?

    1. Put him on a leash, teach him the commands. When he doesn’t do it say no and repeat the command moving the dog into position. Repeat, repeat, repeat and continue to repeat. He’ll get it because you wont release him from the command until he does, then praise him. It’s a game, you need to teach him how to play it. Treats are not mentally stimulating, you as the owner are.

      Train the dog its entire life. Treats are a quick fix to a long term solution, and in some cases like yours, not a solution at all.

    2. Thank you +Alex​ I was working with a leash but he doesn’t do it off leash. Guess I’ll have to do it more with him so he gets the hang of it. I try outside a few times but he gets to distracted by the other dogs and everything.

    3. +Kisa Kandria No problem. Take small steps. Start with sit, put the leash slowly on the ground (if he moves – no…sit!), then walk around him, half a circle at first if he wants to move, then full circles once he’s getting the hang of it and do it in both directions. Don’t forget to praise. 5-10 min drills at a time, eventually working up to 20-30mins, two or 3 times a day. Eventually you want to be able to walk away from him at further and further distances without him moving.

      Remember when you tell him to sit, you don’t need to say stay…the command is sit until you’re told otherwise, it’s already implied in saying sit. Same goes for whoa (if you teach that – i.e. stand still, extremely useful as it leads to learning heel.

      A really great way to learn heel on it’s own is to use place, i.e. put something on the ground for the dog to place (sit on), flat piece of cardboard maybe, and basically start from a sitting position a couple of meters away, say heel as you walk towards it then command the dog to sit on the cardboard when you reach it. Just repeat. Sit, heel, sit, sit, heel, sit. You can set up several place mats in a row or just a couple so your going in a straight line for longer. It also teaches the dog that when you stop, it stops (imagine a crossing the road scenario).

    4. +Kisa Kandria always work with your dog inside, once your dog gets the hang of it, you can start outside. it’s good because you’ll reach your dog with distraction.

  7. My 3 boxer are so food motivated they will sit for a booger sized piece of cheese. I can’t wait to try these methods. My biggest issue is the jumping on people! Friendly to a fault. I’m sure we are to blame as we let them jump on & kiss us. Great vid 👍🏻 subbed

    1. A lot of bad behaviors can be a positive behavior. U can teach them to only jump up when told. It would be a pretty cool trick.

    2. So true too! That’s a good thing though. They are easily more adamant to pleasing the owner. Attentiveness and food is what makes a good dog. Some dogs are not even attentive so it makes training hell.

  8. This is a great video. Way better than all the other “Heel” videos I’ve seen on YouTube. I only wish I had seen this earlier.

  9. My puppy is 15 weeks old and this worked for her! I’ve trained her sit,lay,shake,roll over, speak and now heal! Thanks for the video!

    1. ed lamb yes, I watched some lady named Victoria for sit and lay. And shake I did on my own, roll over as well I did by myself, but I advise making your dog roll over for every treat or they will forget the trick like my dog has. 🙁

    1. Vishal Sharma Pedigree is very unhealthy for dogs. Try using something a little healthier. Maybe Google so healthy alternative. You could also look in your local RSPCA they always have healthy treats snacks and food…

  10. Ah, there’s the confusion as I see it now. People here have different goals to teach their dogs to heel. Some people commenting have experience with military/police, or competition training and there is the novice, just a simple pet owner who only wants learn the basics. If my little puppy stays in the yard and doesn’t bolt out into the street when called I’m gonna call that a successful heel.
    If I’m able to respond to commands reasonably well as many of these experts suggest I’ll be happier. For now I’m gonna take it one heel at a time. 😀🐺👣

    Thanks for a Great video. ❤️💯

  11. I had a dog named Đipsi just like in the video. He was a german sheppard. One time he saved my dad when he was attacked by other three dogs.

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