How to Train a Dog to Heel – Dog Training by

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See more at for everything you need to understand to train your personal dog in the Foundation Design of Pet Dog Training. This video shows the very first phase of training your canine to Heel. After finishing all three phases your pet dog could Heel off-leash around heavy interruptions. Structure Style dog training is both really humane and also really trustworthy. It is a style that is used by several of the top pet dog instructors in the sector to educate all types of canines from working dogs, aggressiveness rehabilitation cases, and tough family pet canines. See for yourself why foundation design canine training is quickly coming to be the option of leading professionals.

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41 Comments on “How to Train a Dog to Heel – Dog Training by”

  1. @VituMV This video is an example of a typical session. You want to end the session before the dog gets board. You can do 1 or multiple sessions per day depending on your schedule. A good idea is to do a session before each meal, since that is when dogs will be most motivated for treats.

  2. @chichotaregay You can bait you dog. Baiting is done by pressing a treat between your thumb and index finger, the dog shouldn’t easily take the treat only nibble on it. That will keep your dog’s attention. Walk with him on lead at first then slowly wean him off the leash and treat. Use good judgement and always keep a leash on you.

  3. @Jaaashan @chichotaregay You can bait you dog. Baiting is done by pressing a treat between your thumb and index finger, the dog shouldn’t easily take the treat only nibble on it. That will keep his attention on you.

  4. I have a lab mix puppy she is 16 weeks old and she knows how to sit I am starting to train her to stay when I open the gate and I also I am training her to not bite her leash when walking and I am in a wheelchair and I am blind and I want my puppy to be my guide dog and another thing is that I want is for my puppy is not to pick up garbage on walks

  5. Is there any significance to the dog being on the left side or is it just tradition?. I’m in a city that is plagued by bad prejudice against dogs and you’d be amazed at how few people here know how to act around dogs, and usually when walking people stay on the right side (like in car traffic) so wouldn’t it be better in that environment to keep the dog on the right side to allow for better/quicker control or is there something I’m missing as to why that’s a bad practice ?

  6. Great video!
    I’ll provide you some great ideas, tips, and advice that may help you turn your dog into the best behaved, most happy, running, jumping, slipper-fetching best pal you always wanted

  7. I just did this with my 13 week old Goldendoodle in the back yard for about 10 minutes.  I then took him on a quiet evening walk (sans children and a lot of neighbors out).  He has never walked so nicely.  We will have to see what tomorrow brings.  How long do you stay in phase 1?  Thank you for the great video — it was really helpful.  Went through a bunch of treats!!!

  8. i have tried this so many times with my pitbull and he knows what heel is but he will not stay in the position i have tried with treats and he just gets tired of them and doesn’t eat them he pretty much ignores me after that and i have tried many different kinds of treats… what do i do????

    1. +K Nicole You need to find a treat he absolutely loves. There’s something he can’t resist. Try bits of meat; usually the things that smell the strongest to us are the treats they love the most 🙂 good luck!

    2. So we need to make sure that we are using treats as a reward and not a bribe. If you are bribing with treats and only treats your dog isn’t learning the command it’s learning to only do what is necessary to get what it wants at the time. Also if you are free feeding the dog it might be time to put more structure in to feeding time. Not sure what all your dog has been trained to do and how it’s been trained but it might be a good idea to go back to the basics, start at square one, make the training fun and make sure the dog has a good foundation for learning. Hope this helps?

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  9. Thanks excellent video. Beautifully done. The best instructions that I have seen was at Brainy paws (i did a google) Without a doubt the most awesome dog training tips that I have ever tried.

  10. I noticed you don’t use hand signals when you tell her to sit or lay down. My dog can sit and lay down with physical actions, no words. Should I be stopping the physical actions?

    1. I wouldn’t stop, but in my opoion mh dog needs to know hand signals cause my mom deaf, so he knows words and hand. So I find it helpful for the dog to know both.

    1. Well “good girl” is just used to show that she did something good. Another option other than saying “good girl” would be a clicker. And eventually you would stop using the clicker.

    2. I understand about markers! I’m just saying “good heel” is better than “good girl” because you’re re-enforcing the good behavior. She doesn’t know she’s a girl!!

    3. I use good girl/boy as my marker word in every situation so the dog knows every time it did something regardless of command. If the dog can comprehend what you mean by good heel then sure use it. But you also risk confusing the dog by throwing too many words at it. Especially a puppy. And especially throwing the command word back it after having said it once already. But hey try it and see if it works. Worst that will happen is confusing your dog.

    4. This is glorious, I’ve been looking for “teach dog” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Jaydenley Doggy Dechlorination – (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my co-worker got cool results with it.

    5. She knows good girl means she did something good saying good heel would confuse her because heel is a trick not a praise

    1. +OSP K9 well I tried a few diff things and what worked for her was for me to sit on the floor and make my legs do a triangle and put a treat on the other side and have her crawl under my legs and click as soon as she is laying. She’s insanely smart so she catches on fast.
      She loves her chicken and fish and is weirdly afraid of lamb lol like runs from it. So strange.
      She is a super pickey bird eater as well lol. She is one of those who will bring four pieces of food into the front room and eat those four pieces than doesn’t eat again for a day or two.
      She’s the first dog I’ve had where a 15 dollar 5lbs bag will last me about 2 months or so. I can leave a bowl of food down and it’ll stay there no matter what brand I try.
      I’m so used to having a dog where you can only feed once a day or it’ll eat it’s self sick lol

    2. Daniel Malone typically when a dog won’t eat anything or is timid/skiddish to eat, they’ve been around others that were real territorial/hoggish and have learned to just grab a few scraps and then take them to their territory to eat them. This is usually something that takes a LONG while to undo/if ever. Sometimes they’re just so used to/comfortable doing it this way because of so many years of being stuck in habit that it’s really really hard to change.

      But, on another note, if you continue free-feeding (just leaving food out and down) then it’ll never change anyways and may kill the dogs value in treats/food drive because there’s never any “excitement” to it because it’s already there/constantly available.

      If you DO want to break it, then you stick to a strict twice a day feeding regimen where you set a apprpriate meals worth of food down for only 20 minutes each. The first few days they may not get it, but after their bodies start saying “FEED ME” they’ll start gobbling it up during feeding times like normal. (This is what we do to control dogs physique that may eat a little much, or for dogs that we’re trying to train in the beginning. We want their food-drive to be kicked into high gear so we can get the excitement out of them when food comes into play; it makes working with them a lot easier because they then put a higher value on what it is that we’ve got for them.)

      Kinda the same in the human world. If money was just laying around and anytime we needed it we walked into the kitchen and there it was, it wouldn’t be that special to us. But, since it’s NOT super plentiful and at our disposal we put a pretty high value on the mighty dollar, so we’re a little more motivated when it comes into play, hehe.

      I should probably note though, we typically only use the ‘reduce the food to kick start their food-drive’ method when we’re either first introducing training into a rambunctious dog’s life that has otherwise never had any training, or when an older dog has no toy-drive or any other motivators thst seem to get them going.

      Other than that, we use twice daily feeding times of 20mins to keep dogs’ weight in balance (because we have so many, it’d be a nightmare scheduling all of their own individual feeding regimens. So it’s just easier for us to feed all at same times just differential amounts.)

      For young pups (10 wks to about 16weeks) we will use the first 3 or 4 minutes of their twice daily feeding times to work with them on random things. In essence, making them “work” for their first few minutes of food. (and bc they’re hungry all the time at that age, they learn rather feverishly, hehe).

      The “under the legs/down” is how we teach dogs to crawl, hehe. Any dogs that have been requested to “crawl” that’s how we do it. It works everytime! especially when you turn it into a game and start stretching out the distances using kids, friends, or whomever you have at hand, hehe. I’ve never thought to try and use it for simple downs, that’s a cool thought though. Maybe it’s never crossed my mind because we’ve never really had the other ways fail yet and I’m so used to associating it with crawling. lol… But, I guess it’s the same principal/method as having them down under a stool or pvc pipe, so maybe I’m just using more steps/tools than needed, hahaha.

      I get those “Blue Wilderness Meat Rolls” from the big chain pet-stores and MANY of the dogs don’t like the lamb either, that’s strange! I don’t like ANY of them personally because they smell so damned bad, lol. But the dogs seem to live for the chicken one, or little pieces of chicken breast.

      Believe it or not, one of our current puppies here absolutely HATES steak….. -_- Yes, fresh cut, good and smelly, nicely cooked steak!? I couldn’t believe it!!! He’ll eat anything under the sun, but when it comes to steak he’ll take it in his mouth and just play with it for a few minutes and then just go on to something else. It’s hilarious watching the other dogs drooling at him after they’ve already gobbled his down and he’s over there just flinging it, licking it, and pawing at it. lmao

    3. +OSP K9 haha nice. Yea I actually get here that blue wilderness tube of salmon cuz there’s just something about fish that she absolutely loves. That’s why every once in awhile instead of dry food I’ll give her a can of tuna or can of chicken and the big plus of her fish obsession is her coat looks great lol.
      I got her she looked grey and dusty lol. Now she is so damn shiny and the brightest brown I’ve ever seen in a dog lol.
      I like that way to teach them to crawl too. That’s good to know for when I get another big dog. I’ve always trained dogs to do normal things like shake hands or high five or sit stay and lay but training them for psychiatric service work is new to me (it’s going great though still) and maybe later on I can get a big dog and train it for other things like crowd control or to clear a room.
      Man there’s so many things I can think of on why or how having a tactile dog for my ptsd would come in handy lol

    4. Daniel Malone lol. Yeah, service dogs come in ALL flavors, sizes, breeds, and tasks.

      I’ve never really had to train in service work for emotional needs. But I’m assuming it’s not that far off from training seizure dogs or elderly assistance dogs, and that we DO train in.

      So, for someone with PTSD or the likes, what type of things would they look for in a dog? Like, what kind of tasks would they like help with and what specialty services should a dog provide to better aid them with their disabilities/emotional needs and etc?

    5. +OSP K9 well I’m new to the area like a month in it haha. I’d say everyone’s needs would be different. And my understanding is a service dog is a dog trained to do a job or task directly related to that persons disability
      Like personally I have ptsd hyper-vigilance meaning I’m always looking for a threat or sign of danger.
      Also because of the OCD and depression I’m a cutter.
      With me I am having my dog bring me my meds or pill bottle in case of panic attack.
      Open doors and let me know if someone’s around the corner. By body language or barking
      In case of panic attack she is training to find the exit or entrance in which we came in.
      To stop me from cutting or obsessively picking which is her best one she’s learned so far
      This is more for bigger dogs and more for an esa but to just provide comfort.
      For others maybe they need their PSD to wake them up cuz their meds knock them out lol which I’m starting my new meds in 30min so I may be looking into that myself haha
      Or cuz of the meds and being drowsy maybe they need them to listen for the door or to call 911 using a special pet phone.
      Or pick up their keys or phone whatever else incase they drop them during panic attack which I tried with Lilly but she’s afraid of my keys and she’s so tiny she can’t pick up an iPhone lol.
      Maybe they need them to turn the lights on or off or bring them something to drink to take meds
      The list goes on but it’s really up to the individual person.
      I personally can’t afford a trainer and decided to do self training cuz for a PSD you want the team to always have that emotional and mental connection. Which her and I already established before I even knew I had something or before I thought I was gonna try to train her. I just don’t want to loose that bond you know?
      But for a dog who knew nothing six months ago who can now
      Shake hands
      Sit pretty
      Walk on a leash
      Open and clear (open doors clear rooms)
      Touch (stop me from cutting or picking)
      Take (pick pill bottle up)
      Exit (find nearest exit)
      Deep pressure therapy (cuddles on command by pressing on me as hard as her little self can like a blanket and allow me to pet her heavily)
      I say she’s doing great. And all of those she can and will do without a treat. I use food to manipulate and after she gets it down say I’ll do it ten times but only the 3rd and 8th time she will er a treat but she responds way better to an excited good girl and lots of petting and belly rubs.
      She just wants to please lol

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