How to Train a Dog to Find ANY scent (

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Train a medicine pet dog, a bomb canine, bed insect dog, or any kind of kind of specific scent discovery. This is the means we educate the canines no matter what scent is the objective. This is just the means we begin the training and also there are many various other things to consider in the handling of the materials, search patterns, as well as last indications. However this is an excellent video clip to offer you a suggestion of how we train the dogs.

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46 Comments on “How to Train a Dog to Find ANY scent (”

  1. The command is PLACE,,, not ‘face’.. This type of scent detection and this type of training is NOT suited to real life work…

    1. That is not a chick.
      That is a dog she is handling.
      Chicks and dogs don’t even look that much alike.
      I don’t know how you could make such a mistake. Baby chickens and dogs don’t even really look that much alike.

  2. I’m training my dog with a similar method, I put whatever you want the dog to find inside of a toy and play with that toy for a while and then start hiding the toy and telling her to find it. I first discovered my dog naturally could do this with her toys so introducing the new scent was no problem. she is an Australian Shepard by the way

    1. roman baron Very difficult though..Every dog has a different scent.unless ur dog has smelled the other lost dogs or cats they can’t find them..Impossible but u hv a good heart man..

    2. There are dogs trained to find lost pets. The handlers usually use a scent sample provided by the owner of the lost pet so the training is some kind of scent ID.

  3. Can you train one dog to search for multiple things and have them exhibit a different behavior for each?

    1. phubblewubb phubblewubb I wish it was so easy to cut them, but it’s not or they would be trimmed all the time.

  4. so i have a cat with a urinary problen and when i walk into my house sometimes it will smell like cat urine. so i want to teach my dog to sit down infront of a place where my cat urinated, because it is very diffucult for me, but i cant bottle it. have any suggestions? can i use a piece of clothing with cat urine on it?

    1. Lemony Goodness find a place where your cat has urinated and use the concept in the video combined with yours. If you only have one cat and the cat has peed in the litter box, out some of that urine smelling litter and put it some sort of container and basically do what the video says up until the dog is consistent in finding the odor with a command.

    2. Lemony Goodness put a plastic bag in her cat box, the cat will pee on the plastic and there should be some left behind even after she tries to bury it.

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