How to reduce shedding on double coated dogs

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25 Comments on “How to reduce shedding on double coated dogs”

  1. OHHHH, please don’t. I could go on for ever about it, but there aren’t nearly enough characters. Please do some research on why it is bad to shave double coated dogs. I really hope my reply wasn’t too late, I am on vacation and just had to answer.

  2. I have 2 toy Aussies, One has a longer slick coat with little undercoat and one has shorter coat with a lot of undercoat. I have been using furminator and I get lots of undercoat off the pup with shorter coat. I understand you do not recommend the furminator. I plan on ordering this tool but I’m not sure how many blades i should order for my dogs since they have two different type coats. Any suggestions?

  3. The thicker the coat the less blades you need. It is so hard to say without being able to see your dogs in person. I guess I would just have to get a couple different tools and save the receipts. I wish I could be more help

  4. i have two siberian huskies, and i’ve been using the furminator for years, but ive been recommended the shedding blade. i also noticed that most people i have spoke with tell me to use the shedding blade the opposite direction of hair growth, and saw that you did it in the same direction of growth. does it differ per breed? or is it a preference thing.

  5. I am glad you asked. A shedding blade will ruin the coat on that coat type as it will only be working on the guard hair. You will need a good slicker brush, under coat rake and a stripping tool like I showed in the video. Different from a stripping knife. I would go with a 4 or 6 tooth. Using any type of brush against the grain will hurt the dog.

  6. I have a pug thats 12 months old now, what would be the best tool for a pug shedding coz it does seem to increase in the winters. Zoom groom or a furminator or something else?

  7. I have a yellow lab and it seems like he leaves a path of hair wherever he goes.. he lives outside right now but i was planning on taking him to college with me next year and letting him be a house dog. How often would i want to bath him? I heard over bathing can cause extra shedding and do you think feeding him high quality food would help him not shed as bad? I dont want to be known as the hairy freshmen at college hahaha 🙂 thanks for the grooming tips too!

    1. Sure would.  Professional grooming is the best as they have great products, amazing tools and high velocity dryers which make the biggest difference, but if you are going to do it at home these tools will help some.  Shiba’s are shedding fools LOL

  8. What do you recommend for a great dane german shepherd mix? We’re talking husky level of shedding. Lol

  9. Hi, I have an American Akita who we keep in the house. She’s almost constantly shedding but she gets regular vet check ups and is in great health. What would you recommend? It’s always her fluffy undercoat that she sheds.

    1. nyx. I know im late but stop whining lol i have 3 siberian huskies they shed twice as german shepherd not to be rude or anything

  10. I was always under the impression, by getting a black lab I wouldnt have to worry about shedding, boy was I wrong! Brushing my dog everyday does absolutely nothing, shedding tool everyday, nothing.

    Harley looks just like my cole-dog and his crying reminds me of him so much.
    Thanks for the video

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