How To – Potty Training Puppies

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Hello everyone!! Today the puppies turned 3 weeks old and I decided to get ahead and start with potty training. Here i'm showing you guys exactly how I do this, plus some extra added cuteness thrown in there! Hope you all enjoy!!

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26 Responses to “How To – Potty Training Puppies”
  1. Cheryl Mckoy says:

    Great job guys potty training

  2. Repo Diamond American Bully says:

    great looking pups. I have a liter due the third of this month so like yey 48 hours great looking dogs.

  3. Repo Diamond American Bully says:

    good informative about pup potty training vid .

    • NyiDro Bloodlines says:

      +repo diamonds Nymeria (APBT) is pure Colby and Drogon (American Bully) We rescued so we don’t know what he is. All we know for a fact is he is a Classic or “Working” American Bully and he’s a STUD!! Haha

    • Repo Diamond American Bully says:

      . okay kool what you sail your pup’s for?

    • Repo Diamond American Bully says:

      Yey he made some nice looking bull dog’s bro. Subscribe to my channel Repo diamond YouTube. And I’ll Subscribe to you.

    • NyiDro Bloodlines says:

      +repo diamonds thanks fam!! We got you, just subbed right now!

    • NyiDro Bloodlines says:

      +repo diamonds they went for $250 males and $300 females. Good homes were most important to us. We were real selective with who we allowed to purchase a pup. But yea making sure they all have amazing lives is our priority, not the money. Only reason they’re so cheap!

  4. Repo Diamond American Bully says:

    yeyo bro I feal you me and wifey on the same type of time gee.

  5. Kendra D says:

    Is the dad trying to help the puppies walk by nudging them around with his nose?

    • NyiDro Bloodlines says:

      +Kendra D yup, basically! Other times he does it to sniff them or push them where he wants them to go lol. Before they started understanding what food was, we would lay out a bowl of food and he would guide them to it by nudging them like that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ It was actually pretty incredible to watch!

  6. Jeanasia Domonique says:

    Aw looking back at Oreo like 😍😍😍

    • NyiDro Bloodlines says:

      +Jeanasia Domonique lol I know right? I went back today and watched all the videos of the puppies from they day they were born. It’s amazing to see how big they got so quick. Hard to imagine they used to fit in the palm of my hand just 8 weeks ago! 😍😍

    • Jeanasia Domonique says:

      NyiDro Bloodlines yes I know there is some attachment there for you . its not easy letting them go . I pray the rest of the pups have a good home and well treated . I love dogs one of my fav animals

    • NyiDro Bloodlines says:

      +Jeanasia Domonique so so much attachment. I spent every waking moment of the last 9 weeks with them. I literally felt like a new mother all over again lol. Up every 2 hours and all πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ They’re all my babies and that’s why it was so important for us to find the best homes for them and we didn’t care about the money. Making sure they all live happy healthy lives is what’s most important to me. I couldn’t live with myself if one of them ended up in a bad home.. it would kill me inside for real!

  7. Olice Mitchell says:

    I love your channel.May I buy a puppy???Plz I want another dog…

  8. ToxicSherbetSyringe says:

    The mama looks just like one of my girls! So pretty πŸ™‚

  9. Jay A says:

    You sound like Meg Griffin

  10. leo rubio says:

    2:20 that right there is a guard dog lol…cool af!

  11. Chygurl Stylez says:

    Are these American bullies? Or Pitbull terries? What’s the difference! I’ve been wanting a blue nose pit? Can u help me with learning the difference?

    • Joe Grizzly says:

      Chygurl Stylez these are pit bulls Pitts are more athletic taller and slimmer then bullies their more of sport and game dogs bullies are more muscular typically shorter too

    • Andre Gordon says:

      I just had litter on 12 if ur still interested

  12. Gio Ortiz says:

    i have 1 puppy…should i still leave the paper on the floor and place another piece over it? or should i get rid of it and put new paper on the floor?

  13. Mr PePe says:

    Do you sell your pups?

  14. Xavier brunson says:

    Baby girl you need a new camera

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