How to potty train your puppy quickly – watch Toby the Malshi – Michelines Pups

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At we start pups right for you. Learning to potty outside at an early age really isn't that difficult. If you take your time, watch your pup, be positive and offer rewards, the process can be quite painless. Maybe time consuming, but not difficult.
If you are looking for a happy, healthy family pet that is started right, give Micheline a call at 352-299-7419.

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12 Comments on “How to potty train your puppy quickly – watch Toby the Malshi – Michelines Pups”

  1. Dear Micheline, You are so wonderful with your puppies and pets. I am looking forward to getting a new puppy in late summer early fall. Do you expect to have more maltipoos by then. Love your channel.

    1. Be sure you leave your pup out long enough to do her pooping. That is sometimes the biggest problem. Also, not letting them out enough is also a problem. I it is a young pup it also needs to be crate trained or limit the space it has to roam and poop. Good luck!

  2. Precious has the run of the house during the day time. She runs to the door when it’s potty time. She loves the outdoor patio where she plays most of the day, she barks to be picked up to cuddle. She has spoiled us BIG time. Love her so much.

  3. My little Malshi pees outside right away and he gets a “good Potty, good Charlie” but then he doesn’t always poop but starts playing and running his little obstacle course. Sometimes he poops and when he does he gets a positive response but he still poops inside every now and then. Urrrrg. How would you handle that?

    1. Micheline’s Pups Since I gave that horrible Interceptor Plus Orange I need to know if the Gold will help with the damage. Giving one thuja 30c a day. Charlie still has loose smelly stools but seems to be feeling better. Am ordering the probiotic too. I’ll never give that again ever. And why? It’s 20 degrees out and there are no mosquitoes alive at that temperature. Grrrrrrrrrr.

    2. When you order the probiotic I would order the liver support as it will help detox the dog’s liver. Both are from Mercola and excellent products. The Gold will NOT help with the damage. Later on when it is warm and you are worried about heart worm, then I would use the gold products.

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