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Potty training your dog can be a frustrating task but patience and consistency can be great tools for a better potty training experience.

Training Tips:

1) When you take your dog out to go to potty try taking them to the same spot.

This will help teach your dog that this is where they should go. After they do go, be sure to give them lots of praise and love to let them know they did a good thing.

2) Refrain from using pee pads they can be confusing to your dog.

Pee pads may lead to them peeing on the carpet or blankets. You should always make time to take them outside because you want to teach them to only go outside.

3) Puppy crates are a positive thing for your dog; it is like their room or den. It is their space!

Refrain from using the crate as a way to punish your pet. When they are in the crate be attentive to your dog watch for warning signs that they need to go out.

4) Accidents Happen! You should only scold or punish them if you catch them in the act.

Punishing your dog afterwards or rubbing their nose in their mess can be very confusing for your dog.

If you follow these tips you should be on your way to having a potty trained pup in 7 days!


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85 Responses to “How to Potty Train Your Dog in 7 Days | Super Awesome Dogs”
  1. ghamar1 says:

    ugly, fake, unaware, & stupid.
    Thepuppy couldn’t even turn in the crate..

  2. MsQuantification says:

    One video and I’m convinced. Love your energy and delivery! Keep up the good work. I see a very promising future for you.

  3. Robert Jensen says:

    So, do you have a video on how to teach your dog to run away from home?

  4. tasophy says:

    It breaks my heart to see a dog confined in such small space. 😞

  5. starbucks2101 says:

    i got a feeling she does porn

  6. bobylopo says:

    This chick is hot.

  7. Christy Marie says:

    I get the feeling this girl doesnt train dogs/puppies often. A lot of what she said didnt really make sense. And that divider in the crate made the space too small. But i hope she was just using it to show everyone how it worked. And Even though I understand that crates can be helpful for dogs and puppies, I still feel bad when they use them. I just got a 9 week old toy poodle and she has the whole bathroom to call her own lol. We just make sure there’s nothing on floor and she has her bed and puppy pads on the ground along with a couple toys. And since we have a 2 year old son, we just use his baby gate in the doorway so she stays in the bathroom without feeling too lonely. I even have a couple of the battery operated candles for at night so she isn’t scared.

    • RpetsAndUs says:

      +Faris Jaclyn Hello Faris we had a dog that we crate trained and for over 9 years she had no problem in the crate when unsupervised and she liked going in the crate very much . She was also potty trained in a certain area in the yard too. Im a professional carpet cleaner and probably had to only clean up a mess in my home 3 or 4 times in 9 years once she was trained . I have cleaned many homes with extensive urine stains and mainly because they let the dog run free in the house or a room. The people who crate trained and potty trained correctly had little or no stains at all . I do agree with your crate training method and the example of the divider depending on size of dog. Also the crate isn’t supposed to be used like a 24 hour thing just for times when the dog cannot be supervised. 

    • Elizabeth ramos says:

      +Christy Marie GUYS GO TO to see who they r and what their website and channel gonetothesnowdogs is about,u guys will fall in love with their loving and awsome vids!

    • Silverjerk says:

      +Christy Marie You’re raising a puppy, not a child. Because you feel “badly” when owners use their crates to train their dogs, doesn’t take away from the fact that having a den, or confined area in which the dog can feel safe and secure is actually something the dog craves. In nature, a dog uses their den to hide from danger, sleep, and raise their young. The video was spot on, and every point she made was absolutely valid. Pet owners have a bad habit of over-privileging their dogs and treat them like children (giving them their own room and putting their beds next to their pads is 100% the wrong approach — dogs do not like to soil close to their bedding, as it is the same to them as soiling in their dens; a big no-no in the canine world). Educate yourself before you spread misinformation to other, like-minded viewers who will inadvertently raise dogs that aren’t well adapted to a normal canine lifestyle.

    • Faris Jaclyn says:

      I know this. This is a 3 minute video! I didn’t edit the video! Some of my points were cut out of the video.

    • mspecht565 says:

      I live on the 19th floor. Puppy pads are a life saver! I put them on the bathroom floor in the morning for my dog. Catching him in the “act” and picking him up… getting snow gear on.. locking my door… waiting on the elevator… going downstairs.. then letting him finish going to the bathroom outside… that’s not an option!!.. can you just see the mess!!! I think this video is geared for people who live on the 1st floor or a house… BUT you shouldn’t give advice to NOT use puppy pads under any circumstances… people just don’t only live in houses!!!!

  8. gfdaksjgljassd says:

    Why is no one talking about how hot she is?

  9. Vianca Caitlin Marie Go says:

    I don’t think she’s a professional trainer

  10. Plant Seed says:

    You made it real tough to focus on the dog.

  11. Lamar Lane says:

    my puppy goes outside and pees…. a lot. then comes inside to explore, while i follow him, and will pee again. scream ahhh and take him outside. been 3 weeks doing this

  12. Andrew_O'Mara says:

    I have a boy dachshund, I tried showing him what to do by pissing outside with him and It worked. Monkey see monkey do.

  13. maayan Birtles says:

    I am getting a puppy on Saturday! Can’t wait!

  14. Mikem Mikem says:

    She can potty train me any time!!!!

  15. Living Life says:

    What if I am at school and there is no one to take him out???

  16. Alex Works says:

    Can she potty train me

  17. David Teney says:

    crazy to small of a space

  18. youreconfused says:

    2:50. I just threw my iPad at my dog when the baby talk started.

  19. Raphael Loh says:

    You know something’s wrong when your dog doesn’t have enough room to lie down in their “bedroom”…

    • Fabian says:

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    • Nathan Chigamba says:

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  20. Ben Oakland says:

    I’ve never owned a dog that liked crates or doors in general.

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