How to Potty Train a Puppy – House Toilet Training.

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Today we will be learning how to toilet train your puppy.

Toilet training does not have to be frustrating if you know what to do. You just need to be consistent with your routine and take the puppy out often and on time.

Your puppy likes to potty on the same spot and in similar times. We can work with that.

The routine is always take your puppy outside for potty

After each meal
After it just wake up from a sleep
After it had a play
And after a set time
The interval extends as the puppy grow older. My cane corso puppy was out for potty training every 30 to 45 mins when he was 10 weeks old.
After 12 weeks old we can easily wait for 1 to 1.5 hour.
Now at 18 weeks he only goes out for potty after every 3 to 4 hours.

Whenever your puppy started sniff around the house walking around take it out for potty training.

How to you train your dog to potty? It’s simple.
Take it out to a potty spot.
Use your special word for potty. It can be potty, it can be "Go toilet".
One the puppy started to potty, keep using the work so it will learn the work mean the action.
Right after they finish, give him a lot of praise. Like good boy! Potty!

Why is the word important? Because whenever you say the work, they potty!
If you had to take your dog potty and your do not have much time, this word can really help you.

Do not stay outside for too long the puppy ended up playing. Potty training should be focused on potty only. If your puppy keep playing instead of potty. Take the puppy inside and come back again in a few minutes.

Most people I know who struggle with potty training are people who do not take the puppy outside potty training often enough. So the puppy ended up doing it in the house and developed its habit and left the scent everywhere in the house.

As mentioned earlier, all dogs love to potty on the same spot. If your puppy toilet in the house, you need to do your best to clean up the scent. Otherwise you will notice the puppy go back and potty on the same spot again. The best thing to do is to clean up as much as you can. Then use a pet odor remover to break down the scent. Water and soap cannot remove the odor. You cannot smell it but your dog can. Only this kind of product can break down the scent. You can get these online, in every pet store or supermarket cheaply.

Accidents do happy. now let’s talk about correction.

My friend’s friend told him, if you found your dogs pee or poo in the house already. Grab some newspaper or magazine. Roll it up like this and bang! Hit yourself in the head! It’s a joke but the meaning behind it is correct. It is the owner or the trainer’s fault. You didn't take it out on time or not often enough, or you didn’t clean up the odor. If you see pee or poo clean it up property, do not punish your puppy as it’s too late. It does not make sense to your puppy if you pointing at the pee or poo they did in the past and get angry about it as other times you were happy when they potty in front of you. They do not understand it’s the location you are upset about.

The correction that works: If you see the puppy potty inside during the act, while it’s doing it, immediately pick it up and take it outside to toilet train on the right spot. This way they can understand.

If you see the puppy circling around ready to squat down to potty. Run and take it outside and do the potty training. Praise it alot if it’s a success. They will be happier than you about the success.

How long does it take to completely potty train a dog.
Every puppy is different, there is no a set of time.
I have had a 8 weeks old puppy came to my house, she wouldn’t potty anywhere in the house. No training required. She just knew.

Ember here was fully potty trained when she reach 16 weeks, which is about 5 to 6 weeks of training.

And Vinci who arrived 10 weeks of age took only about 3 weeks to learn.

More more committed you are, with routine and all mentioned above, the faster your puppy will learn.

It is really up to the trainer to make it happen.

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34 Responses to “How to Potty Train a Puppy – House Toilet Training.”
  1. Chi Alison Pakenham says:

    Great tips! Just what I need. Thank you for posting the video. 👍Can you post a video on how to stop the dog chewing on things it is not supposed to? Thank you!

  2. bryant pun says:

    Thanks this is very helpful.

  3. Jonnie baby says:

    Can you train your puppy to go in a certain location inside and outside? I am wondering about winter months when there are piles of snow everywhere especially in blizzard conditions in the northeast.

    • PawVlogs says:

      Absolutely. You can set up a particular spot inside the house and train your puppy to potty there. I guess you like to have potty pads or newspaper on the surface for cleaning? Make it a corner or somewhere private and take the puppy there for potty training when it’s time for potty training.

    • Jonnie baby says:

      I’m getting a puppy in 2 weeks so i’m asking ahead. So when I take her out for walks outside do i also use the same commands for her to go potty?

  4. Tony Robinson says:

    How old is your puppy now? He’s so big! I’ve been following you since your kennel training video. Good content.

  5. Peacefully Simple says:

    Is there a way you can figure a way to train without using chock chain collar?

    • PawVlogs says:

      Peacefully Simple none of my trainings rely on the use of a choke chain collar. They are wearing it because I just picked them up from the super market when I needed water proof collar for the beach. I clip the leash on the chain instead of the ring so it didn’t choke. It’s just a collar

  6. ashish sharma says:

    No reply of questions . I need a email address and phone number of Australia breeder of cane corso dog you buy a blue one

  7. Derek Wade says:

    You create very good content. I love watching your advices. Keep on the good work.

  8. A. P. says:

    Your knowledge and methods work greatly, Thanks. On a side note: From 7:06 to 7:12 is the most hilarious part, i fell off my chair laughing.

  9. Rudy Suchil says:

    How did I just find this channel. I feel like I’m learning so much, thank you!!

    • PawVlogs says:

      Rudy Suchil thank you! Please click Like and Subscribe to help me spread the content, much appreciated. 👍👍👍

  10. Batman BMW says:

    Thank you!

  11. Jason Burdett says:

    Found your videos after many weeks of researching on how I’m to prepare for my new pup. I must say that yours are the first ones that actually mean something! You’re very practical and precise in the advice you give by almost spelling out what you need to do (especially your crate training series of vids). Very much appreciate it.

    • PawVlogs says:

      Awesome thanks Jason. All the bests with your new puppy.

    • Jason Burdett says:

      PawVlogs cool, nice. Yeah I’m picking her up Saturday morning. Will be briefing the family regarding the absolute consistency and routine my puppy will need in the early stages and watching your videos again. So looking forward to this new lifestyle change that’s going to happen! btw she’s an Australian Labradoodle, so hoping she’ll be a quick learner. All the best

  12. s c says:


  13. s c says:

    So how many dogs in total do you have? How do you have the time to deal with so many puppies at once?

  14. Brian JPE23 says:

    Or you can just play kanye’s new song.😂

  15. Brian JPE23 says:

    But seriously thank you for all your advise I appreciate it.

  16. Star Fire says:

    An Asian dog trainer? wow such contrast to Asians eating and abusing dogs.

    • Football72 says:

      Star Fire all your comments on this video are useless, lose this guys account he is giving the best advice I’ve received on here.

  17. Star Fire says:


  18. Davone R. says:

    I’m glad I ran across your videos…  I have a rescue who is three months old…  I will be using your techniques to see if he has any progress.  Most of the things I’m watching, I did not know.  Thank you!

  19. Juedie Nowell says:

    A really practice and helpful video. Thanks

  20. Claribel Beharry says:

    I can’t thank you enough for all the important information you have been giving us. Because of your info I’m actually enjoying having my puppy.
    I do have a question in regards to potty training. I want to train my 8 week old Aussie only to go outside but Im not sure on what to do when I leave the house. Should I leave a peepee pad for him to use just in case I don’t make back in time for him to go potty? Right now I have a play pen his uses during the day and a crate for night time.

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