How to Make the Most Amazing Dog House | DIY Cardboard Crafts on Box Yourself

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Learn to make a cardboard house for dogs and puppies. It's the perfect birthday gift for your four legged friend!

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66 Comments on “How to Make the Most Amazing Dog House | DIY Cardboard Crafts on Box Yourself”

    1. strawberry charm hamsters always chew cardboard. Thats why when i had hamsters, id give her a toilet paper tube to hide in and chew on! But as an alternative people make popsicle stick stuff. Check out vanilla hamster. She makes great videos!

  1. the wallpaper seemed hard to put on the walls 😂also, if it gets windy, won’t the dog house fly away? but other than that, great video!
    I wish I had a dog but I wish I had a snake even more! 😀🐍have a great day!

    1. Box Yourself if you do, I’ll have to get myself a snake! witch is not gonna happen until I move out of this house my parents say 😂😂😂

    2. Honestly it depends what you have in the house, if you have a heavy dog bed and other accessories then no. It won’t fly away

    1. I would use lacquer to make it more resistant to water, but its still best to keep it in inside on rainy days. It’s easy to carry luckily

  2. ostain it my birthday soon im turning 7 years old and my puppy is turning 8 months old 🎁🎂🎉🎊🎈📧its gonna be awsome 🍰🐶😀

    1. I’m sure it’ll be awesome 😃 Birthdays rule! Have a great birthday and please say hi to your puppy for me 🍰👋

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