How to Make A Dog House Part 2 | Dog House landscaping

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In this video I landscaped the backyard for the dog house.
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The last video I showed how I made a dog house. This video I'm adding landscape around the dog house.

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34 Comments on “How to Make A Dog House Part 2 | Dog House landscaping”

    1. DIY Creators Hey, I think you did a really good job. But you should probably put a dog bed there and also pretty it up a bit.(just a suggestion) after all you did a really godd job.

  1. Wow, that dog wouldn’t mind sleeping outside. That is amazing Glen. I like the darker grey that you used on the slabs. I admire it.

    BTW, I love the lifetime warranty idea by #Wrigleyriggs. I would love that outfit by #WrigglyRiggs

    1. No problem my friend Hey bro, I did landscaping for a long time my friend, I think landscaping it’s a form of art and you my brother are an artist good job 🙂

  2. Apparently I found your channel upon looking over at random “DIY Computer Desk Build” Videos, but couldnt help but to watch a multitude of your videos, which I hope keep coming!

    Obviously you know what you do, you are highly skilled (says the German :D) and even make sure to look after safety and health in your videos, even though you could comment a little more on that, before amateurs copy your moves and cut of their arms. ^^

    You are trained in any woodwork, electronic and probably a lot more, so I would assume their is more skill in you, that hasn’t been shown as of yet. Fairly good, keep it up. I like the way you keep requesting people to offer ideas and suggestions by the way.
    It seemed to me that many of your videos are either customer requests or your own personal use, which is fine. However, I would still offer a couple of ideas for you to possible work on, if you like the ideas.

    One is fairly simple: a cat stand. Something that is modern looking, yet suitable for smaller rooms, such as small flats or corners of a room. (European flats tend to be a lot smaller than American houses…) Keep in mind though: it should be easy to clean, nice looking and most importantly survive its inhabitants (the cats only, I hope ^^). Perhaps something fluffy and nice for them, e.g. filled with carpet bottoms etc.

    Another idea, almost as simple, would be a modular bookcase. A two- or three-level-rack. that contains for vertical moveable (!) inner walls to separate areas, e.g. different genre´s of books. The moveable part is the challenge, perhaps something too simple for you though, as in adjustable parts that move on the backside of the rack etc.

    A more intermediate idea? Well how about you work on an Aquarium? Something like a fish tank to stand against a wall, with a cupboard underneath for fish food, materials, pumps etc. – the pumps included, a modern look, a little bit of design etc…. I am sure you would find something to work out your creativity there.

    My favorite idea for more advanced workers such as you: A custom computer case design that is described as “fit the glass to the wall”. The idea is fairly simple: since computer parts are exchangeable every couple of years and cases look rather average, the case itself is a construct at an empty wall, that is basically a glass panel (preferably air-tight locked) against a wall, that keeps the components (power supply, motherboard, hard drives, etc.) behind a nice glass wall, perhaps with some LED background lighting etc.. The build would expect some understanding of Computers, components and measurements (well, that is rather simple), lighting and electronics, some costum or bought watercooling circle (hell, there is a lot to research on) and methods to keep a steady airflow through the “wall-case”, not to mention a unique and cohesive design ambiente.

    Well anyway, have fun with your work. Okay, obviously you do. Greetings and I´ll enjoy watching more in the future!

  3. Looks great! My only concern with installing it on a level foundation would be any water that finding its way in and not draining( from sprinklers or rain perhaps), so I might have been tempted to slope the foundation slightly towards the opening….

  4. Looks great man. You definitely don’t give yourself enough credit with the landscaping, you did a hell of a job from what I saw.

  5. She’s needs an Xbox, TV or a radio…Nice video. You’re very creative! You could really have a DIY TV show. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Fabulous job !!!! I heard you mention her name is Diamond, you should carve out her name and put it on her house or carve out some Diamond shapes and make them white, justtttt a suggestion 😊😊😊 💎💎💎💎

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