How to Keep a Dog Warm During Winter Cold Weather – Warm Dog House

November 5, 2018 by  
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How to Winterize / Heat a Dog House and Keep it Warm Inside. How to get a dog house ready for winter. This was done because those crappy Igloo dog houses are garbage. I built an enclosure to house our dog's house, stuffed it with hay, and hooked up a heating pad for her. JRMSWEEPS!

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43 Responses to “How to Keep a Dog Warm During Winter Cold Weather – Warm Dog House”
  1. Ali P says:

    What you did for that dog was amazing, Ignore what anybody say’s about bringing her in you’ve shown her a better life than she’s ever known I don’t see them going out of there way to rescue a stray massive thumbs up!

  2. KoiNadi says:

    Lovely video. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Annie Jane says:

    We need more people like you in the world! Ignore the haters and keep up the good work!

    • JRMSweeps says:

      Right on thanks. She is inside with us now. We have 10 rescues and continue to do what other peeps refuse to do…

  4. yuklz says:

    You are such a good man! Going through so much trouble for the darling… thank you!

  5. Sasha Stokes says:

    hero…what u do for her is amazing and loving. thank you

  6. Christina Rutherford says:

    Great family rescuing her! It warms my ❀ to see animals that are rescued.

    • JRMSweeps says:

      Thanks, she is inside now with our other 9 rescues we have. She has her own room and 1 side of the house since she doesnt play well with others. She loves being inside…thanks for the post! I wish we all would love what’s around us a little more and help out…keep up the work!

    • Christina Rutherford says:

      Awesome! You and your family are doing God’s work.

  7. Libby Newell says:

    If you make a wood house put a rubber mat under the house in case of a lighting and thunder storm. Igloo houses are really safe for lighting and thunder storms

  8. Ana Wahardo says:

    This is really amazig, the dog looks comfy. We currently have 5 dogs that we have to keep outside because we moved from our house to a camper because of my husbands work and he built a dog house with wood and some tarp, I will see about getting some hay to put in ther and some old clean covers. Thank you for the great ideas!

  9. lisaacuna92 *Chula Chola 805* says:

    Wow your awesome God bless you

  10. Bertha Poirier-Gonzalez says:

    I adopted two animals from the shelter they are amazing! My Pitt bull was a stray they found him in the street and he’s so sweet with my kids and we love them! Going to get him a girl dog so hes not so lonely!

    • JRMSweeps says:

      +Bertha Poirier-Gonzalez way to go…this baby and one of her mixed lil puppies showed up to the house…we did this for the pit before bringing her inside, where she now has her own room believe it or not…she doesnt do well with our ours, but she has half the house and a room when we are gone…

  11. Jen V says:

    Good job!Β  You are a very kind man!

    • JRMSweeps says:

      +Jen V thanks…shes inside with us as of last yr…that was temp for her…not to mention i wanted to sho what others could do that couldnt afford to bring a rescue in…

  12. Sandra Lindley says:

    What a wonderful animal rescue. I have rescued many over the years. I now have four rescue kittens that will be all spayed and neutered next week and will finish their shots and I already had a rescue dwarf bunny. Another cat I spayed and gave her all her shots and homed her out to a farm in the country. The woman just loves her. But all these I’m keeping in house. But I love dogs too and have had them in the past. Keep up the good work! We need more precious people like you!!!

    • JRMSweeps says:

      +Sandra Lindley she is inside now…her puppy was also with her, which we brought in with the other 8 we had at the time…13 was our maxed out rescue inside number but we are down to 8 now due to age and cancer…this pit has her own room as well, since she diesnt get along with others, but is sweet to people and her baby…thanks for all u do as well…this world would benefit with the mindset u have instead of all the other nonsense…keep doing what you do as well…ur a great person and ty for that!!!!

  13. Helen Poulos says:

    OMG…. BLESS U & what u do for these poor animals with no voice!

    • JRMSweeps says:

      +Helen Poulos ty so much. We do this anytime the opportunity arises. She wants s inside now and has her own little room as well.

  14. Harley Lee says:

    If you don’t mind me asking where did that dog come from mine went missing a couple of years ago and looks no different then that one.

  15. scherrie beddingfield says:

    So thankful for you rescuing that sweet dog – I have an old rescue dog so she moves slow but wants to be outside.Β  I am trying several of your ideas for her.Β  Thanks so much

  16. snugbug says:

    She was a lucky dog when she came to your house !!!
    That is a VERY NICE set up you made for her. I would like to make a suggestion about blankets (only meaning to be helpful). 100 % pure wool any thing, you could use large sweaters or pure wool blankets, doesn’t feel cold to the touch even when wet ! And still insulates. Thrift stores are great places to find them. I wash mine in the washer. Some shrink but there’s more where they came from. She seems very happy. 😊

  17. Rebecca Laker says:

    how kind of u to make this warm doghouse! Thanks for sharing!

  18. Greetings. Have a nice day. says:


  19. ::: ::: says:

    thank you for caring about animals πŸ‘

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