How To Introduce Your Adopted Dog To A Crate!

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Brought to you by ( ), Woof University is a series of pet-related training tips!

This week we're focusing on how to introduce your rescued pooch to the crate! It's important to remember that your dog should be able to stand up and turn around as well as lie down comfortably in the crate. Please do not keep your dog in a crate for more than 6 hours a day. Check out this video to learn some crate training tips!

You can also post your pet-related questions on's Facebook or Twitter page with the hashtag # AskKatya and once a week, we'll be picking a question to answer with video. Whether it's a dog training question, how to stop an undesirable behavior, or maybe there is something that your pet is doing you're just curious to know what it means – feel free to ask away!

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19 Comments on “How To Introduce Your Adopted Dog To A Crate!”

  1. Nice video but your grammar needs work especially in the area of a word you use a lot. This is the verb “lie” and “lay.” You do not nor does a dog “lay” down, you “lie” down. Please don’t believe me but check for yourself with your Daddy or Mommy. Proper grammar will improve your stature and the level of respect for your opinion and techniques!

  2. If the quality of what you produce is SUB-STANDARD then you are challenged in your credibility. If your video were shaky, upside down out of focus and all… say green the no one would take you seriously. The same is true in the language you choose to use. If you spell in initials and “non” English then you’re just corrupt and not to be take seriously!!! That’s WTF… JERK

  3. Hey there! I’ve rescued a doberman/ wiemeriner mix and she’s so amazing and very smart one thing she has wrong with her is her separation anxiety when we go to work and her fear to go in her crate or even her large play pen! any tips to teach her that the pen or crate is okay! she won’t even go 2 feet from them without being scared!! please help she’s such a sweet heart!

  4. hi is we are thinking of adopting a shih Tzu puppy from your site we have a playful dog at home around the same age also a shih Tzu 4 kids ages 16, 13,9, and 5, about to be six her info said she is good with kids but your policy says no kids under 6 in applicants house but she is gental and it say the dog is great with kids can we still have her our dog has been lonely lately so we are thinking another dog to play with will help her they are also the same breed gender and weight is it ok please say it is I have my hheart set on that dog sorry this was so long?

  5. How about don’t bother. You don’t need to. Just put them in one room with a bed. I have never crated any dog I got from rescue. NEVER. DID NOT NEED IT. Creates more problems than not.

    1. 50hellkat2 I never crated my dogs either, but my current dog is way too hyper (I’ve tried training her) so if someone comes into my room she just keeps jumping on them. Just bought a crate for her hopefully she does good with it.

    2. Miss FluffyBunz when people are coming to visit put the leash on her. Tell visitors to avoid paying attention to your dog until the exited state is no longer there. Practice this by having people arrive and leave if possible several times per day. Train your dog to sit. Stay. Come. These are important commands for safety and other reasons. Crating is not a substitute for training.

    3. Miss FluffyBunz when you have the leash on her i do not mean tie her up to something. I mean use the leash to keep her by your side. Use sit command. Use it as a tool to direct her. You are the leader. She should be by your side and operating under your direction. She will eventually not require the leash.

    4. 50hellkat2 you say it like it’s that simple. I’ve tried the ignoring thing, she never calms down. She’s calm when it’s just me and her, but if I let her roam around my house she knocks over babies, gets into everything, etc. I’ve had her for a year now she hasn’t had a crate until now. I bought her one of those outdoor chains ( so if we are bbqing or kids are outside also she can stay in a certain part, but she barks and cries like crazy I even had the cops called on me even though I was outside with her! But if she’s inside and company is outside my room she will scratch up my door. I’m on my second door right now

    5. 50hellkat2 I tried the “walking dog on treadmill thing” she’s terrified of it. I walk her around my block everyday, sometimes my mother jogs her or rides her bike while she has her on a leash. Nothing has helped, and that is why I came to the crate solution and sticking with it.

    1. Camilla Johansson You sleep in a room, don’t you? Well to your dog this will be like their own little living space where they can have privacy, comfort, and safety.

    2. Amanda Kosta I do sleep in a room, but not in a cage! I would never crate my dog, I would just get a dog bed and put it in the living room, and I would let them roam around freely all day!

  6. somebody needs to tell my stupid not all there friends that they are suppost to put a blanket in the dog crate for their dog not make her sit in there without the dog bed or a blanket.

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