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  1. Is it just me or is he having a bit of favouritism, I mean he kicked the other King Charles dog away when he came in from out side ?

    1. Yingying Ross Exactly… Also, he cruely ignored those two in the other crate while JR was being taken out; they were begging to be noticed and played…

  2. EXCELLENT video.  Thank you so much, I got so much out of it.  Picking up our new puppy today, and this video surely helped.

  3. are you guys really that ignorant to think he kicked the dog at 5:54? he was clearly just nudging it back to keep it from coming inside…you can’t be serious..

    1. our great pyrenees pup was a nightmare with digging and not listening until we started using the techniques from *ThePuppyGru. com*

  4. I know this video is 3 years old but I just got a rat-cha pup and she’s 7 months old. The people I got her from let her pee in the house and never potty trained her. What’s the best way for me to train her? Is it okay to do what you did to train her?

  5. You don’t let puppies jump on you and bite your fingers. Then your not pack leader anymore allowing that. And they can get out control as they get older with acts you allow them to act. You give her a chew toy or something for her to allow to chew.

    1. But you can teach them to control their bite that way. Dogs do it to each other, and you can help them by letting them bite and naw on your finger. Yelp if it hurts so they limit their bute strength and over time they would recognize of they are inflicting pain and will naturally avoid hurting you when nawung on your finger or others.

    1. Callie Newell yep, I have to get up 3 times in the night to get my puppy to toilet :/ each month you can add an hour on though.

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  6. biting fingers is risky! My pup learned that biting = play. She bites hard regardless of who it is. This is a terrible habit!

    1. +WaterBottle Letting puppies bite your fingers is a good thing to do as long as you are also teaching them bite inhibition. Before you teach them not to bite, you should teach them that if you put your teeth on my skin it needs to be soft. Once they learn bite inhibition you can teach them no teeth at all. You just need to make sure when they bite too hard all interaction, attention, play, affection, etc. stops. If they bite you too hard and they keep playing with you of course it becomes a really fun game.

  7. Oh thank you so much for this video. It’s the most informative one I’ve found. I’m getting a little toy poodle in a month and I want to crate train her too. This was very help full. I have added it to a play list so I can watch it again closer to my puppy’s arrival.

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  8. This is such a great training video. I watched it with my first puppy a Tricolor Cavie as well! I followed it completely and now my dogs are so well crate trained and house broken. Thank you!

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  9. You ever notice how nobody is shown crate training a GSD? Lets see these guys crate train high-energy dogs.

    1. UDubFootballFan Yep…my GSD wouldn’t use the potty in his crate when he was a pup. I had to take him out every 2 hours for the first two weeks. After 1 month he finally got it but he never went in his crate and wasn’t a fan of those pet pads.

    2. Lol my GSD mix was naturally crate trained. He’s got tons of energy (he’s a GSD/border collie), he just knew not to.

    3. I am currently crate training my airedale puppy, she is very high energy to say the least. It is going very positive. She stopped soiling her crate on night 2, after i made crate smaller. Also my puppy prefers to sleep on a hard floor, tried bed, and tried making crate bigger – was a big mistake, puppy hated it and had hardest time falling sleep, and was fighting blanket for a long time and growling. So to summarize – video is very helpful, and great way to housebreak your dog faster, just follow your dog individual needs.
      As for allegations about this dog owner kicking the other dog – its silly, he just moved the dog so it doesnt go inside, and dog was absolutely fine. He probably picked this puppy for the video because it is relatively calm, so he can explain the sibject of the video, thats all:) All dogs in video seem very well taken care of, and loved. Haters will always hate;)

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    2. I think you are supposed to get them out every 3-4 hours for a potty break.. especially if they have been silent but started crying suddenly. Someone said if they are 3 months they can hold it 4 hours, 4 months – 5 hours… up to about a 7-8 hour period… depending on how old. my question then is.. what do you do if you have to work during the day?

    3. Bobby Shah Put puppy in a room with a hard surface and make sure they can’t get out of that area. Put down pet pads and leave their crate open so they can go inside the crate to sleep.

    1. I had about 4 weeks where I was letting her out every 2 hours. But if you don’t have a yard this will be difficult to work around (no pun intended). Maybe these are the ppl that do the potty pads bc they physically can’t hold their bladder that long.

    2. this a year old but:
      if you live by yourself, this is going to be extremely difficult if you are working 8+ hours a day, everyday. You’ll defiantly need a second person in that case or a dog may not be right for you. Or, you might have to consider a doggy daycare or pet sitter/walker. Or a potty pad even.

    3. saramations I know this is out of no where i just needed advise so like we just got a puppy she’s a Chihuahua and she’s 3 months VERY small right now. We’ve had her for less than a week now. She already likes her crate she doesn’t cry when she’s in there. I leave her in the crate over night and let her out in the morning to eat and go to the bathroom before school. Before I leave i put her in the crate for when we go to school. I have her in a confined area in my room already so she can run around as well. Idk if I should leave her in the crate at night or when we leave. Any advice? But she doesn’t seem to have a problem tbh. She’s so small and the crate is spacious for her. ALSO I’ve somehow already got her not to pee in her bed in the crate already she only goes when I let her out. And I don’t have school 2 days out the week so she won’t always be alone. Thanks !

    4. Sorry for the late response, how is your puppy doing? Sounds like to me you are on the right track. Just keep an eye on her and praise her a lot when she pees outside! And if she messes in her crate don’t scold her of course because she won’t understand.

  10. My pup always pees while I’m in the process of taking him out. I think the little devil does it on purpose.

    1. Move fast after wake up/feed or, even, pick up puppy. Was lucky enough 2 b with top RVC dog psychologist (I’m UK) + he said – if possible – leave pup with mum + siblings until 12 wks as any decent canine mum will have taught 2 per outside + many extra things as well…..

  11. Training your [[puppy is easy when its nice outside and not 2 feet of snow and you’re retired, otherwise its an absolute nightmare

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