How to Groom a Matted Shih Tzu

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This is a demonstration of how I save a matted coat. Whether you should try to save a matted coat or not should be decided on a case-by-case basis. Every situation is different: the coat type, the age and temperament of the dog are just a few things to consider. We hope this video helps you if you have made the decision to try to save the coat rather than shave and start over. Grooming is love in action – a labor of love. Let us not forget the "action" and "labor" involved in expressing our love.

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21 Comments on “How to Groom a Matted Shih Tzu”

  1. you are really a great groomer because you groom the dogs very carefully and treat them like baby prince/princesses. i love this video.

  2. Great job..I love that you didn’t shave him down..what kind of conditioner did you soak him down with? My Shih Tzu was about half that bad with mats.the groomer insisted to shave her.i said no and took her home and spent 2 hours working on her.Shes better but I didn’t have the right equipment I used sizzors.What causes them to get so matted?i loved your video

  3. Wow, this is a really amazing groomer. I wish I could get my dogs to him. I always worry that the groomer is gonna drag my dog back there and man handle it but his first concern is the dog’s comfort and that’s great to see! Amazing transformation, so gentle and SO effective. Adorable fur baby!!

  4. Thank you! This was exactly the information I was searching for! I volunteer to groom rescue and unwanted dogs. I have been cutting out mats and sometimes it doesn’t look very well. You are a true artist! Thank you for this video!

  5. Fantastic job, but the amount of time and effort in doing that, surely is not equal to the amount you can charge a client for that?

  6. Thank you so much for all your awesome videos, but this one especially! We recently adopted a shih tzu who we had found in our barn. She is very timid and has clearly not been taken care of. We suspect she may have been a breeding dog for a puppy mill (we live in Amish country and puppy mills are a terrible problem here). Her coat was severely matted and I thought I’d have to shave it off completely, which I wanted to avoid during winter in Ohio. But after watching your video, I went out and got the tools I needed and after quite a bit of effort, I was able to save all of her beautiful coat except one small spot on her backside. Not only does she look great, but she has been much more active and social with us and our other pets! I’m sure feeling clean and comfortable has a lot to do with that. Thanks again!

  7. I’m ashamed to admit that I have neglected, on several occasions, my Shih Tzu’s Grooming due to bouts of depression (I get somewhat neglectful when it comes to hygiene when I’m having an episode) He has suffered matting to that extent like the dog in the video. And I’ve had to request the groomers to shave him off when that happens. But now since I’ve gotten my depression in check I have​ been more attentive and decided to buy an electric clipper and some grooming tools and have been watching your videos religiously so that I can groom him myself and never have to put my dog through that hell again. I am so thankful for your videos Jun <3

  8. I just inherited a shih tzu. She seems to have matts on her back legs especially. I would like to take care of her at home. Can you tell me where to find the combs and other tools that you use for them. Before i bath her I should let her set i what. I did not hear very well on your video before you brushed him out.

  9. I wish I had a groomer as patient as you. I sent my shih tzu to the groomer and she wasn’t even 30% as matted as this shih tzu was and they shaved my shih tzu completely. Sigh.

  10. I love when a dog is left in full coat. I had groomed a beautiful Maltese, Gabriella, whose owner took the time to brush her between grooms and it was so wonderful not to “shave her down” like so many owners request. You really do such wonderful artwork! P.S. I hope you wear a mask when not filming. That hair and dander isn’t good for our lungs.❤🐾❤

  11. Watching this thinking 🤔 just how kind and talented you are … hopefully things are going ok 👌🏼

  12. It’s amazing how well you can establish a connection with a aggressive dog and never lose your patience

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