How to Give a Pill to a Dog – Tips from the Dog Training Guys! (

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Follow us! Find out a technique of providing a tablet to pet dogs that maintain spitting the tablet out or choose not to take a pill. This is a fantastic method to use with bitter tasting pills or when you do not intend to use the typical technique of shoving your fingers or pill popper down the pet's throat. See our other videos to find out more on dog training and also various other intriguing pointers on canine care.

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21 Comments on “How to Give a Pill to a Dog – Tips from the Dog Training Guys! (”

  1. U should make a vid on how to teach a dog how to not eat food that is thrown over their yard fence that may be laced with poison. I’ve heard that some dogs are trained to only accept food from one or two people.

  2. Hey! I used to do that with my dog!! With a twist though! He likes to catch his food, so I trhwo the “teaser” then I throw the “imposter” quickly followed by the “chaser” 😀 Worked every time! 😀

  3. This is a great video! I already figured it out myself and give it in a cube of cheese and it really works ! Great you put this in a clip and the way you bring it is just hilarious! Keep it up, guys!

  4. I used to used the “just shove it down their throat” technique. But then my dog hurt his neck and needed pain killers. You can see where that would be a problem

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