How To Crate Train Your PUPPY!

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This tutorial is about effectively teaching a dog to enjoy spending time in their crate. This is usually the first task that most new puppy owners have to master. Proper crate training can prevent separation anxiety, help with house-training, and make life much easier for both the dog as well as the humans. However, this is not always an easy task but a calculated and patient approach goes a long way. For more information on crate training, please see my post on this topic on my website:

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32 Comments on “How To Crate Train Your PUPPY!”

  1. Welcome back..why did you stop putting videos?..i watched all of your previous videos and trained my dog but only on treats

  2. Puppy is gorgeous, following you on Instagram so I can keep updated with Solea #germanshepherdsrule. Glad to see you back!! 😂 😂

  3. Let me throw you in a create and “TRY” to make you enjoy it. No. NO ONE likes or will ever enjoy being LOCKED up in a small box for HOURS. pfft.

    1. statistic420 Yes, most people do that. My dog is allowed to walk around in our house freely. I do keep the door of the bathroom closed when I have to leave him alone, but he is allowed to enter any other room. Some people i know give their dogs only one or two rooms, but I don’t see any benefits in doing that.

    2. How do you trust a puppy with a whole house? Mine got an inhaler off of a counter and punctured it while we were home -___- we still “baby-proof” our home to this day when we leave her alone and she is 4 lol hard to trust a child home alone

    3. Shane B I don’t know wher you live, but from what i have experienced, crates are not common in most (central) european countries. I don’t think our dogs are born perfectly. I did use positive methods with my dog to get him house trained, but i never felt the need to use a crate.

    4. Lu Hei while I understand your point, it is a good idea to crate train even if you don’t plan to use one. For instance if the dog was at the vet or traveling. Sometimes there are situations where using a crate is unavoidable and if the dog understands that being in a crate is okay then that makes it much easier on both the dog and all people involved.

      Personally, I crate train all my dogs and use a crate anytime they are left alone for safety reasons.

  4. Excellent advice. Thanks! My dogs love their crate. They both take naps in their crates (by their choice), & it’s also their safe haven when frightened by fireworks. Dogs have the instinct to be in a den, just like wolves. It’s not the negative thing that some people make it out to be. No, a dog should never be locked in a crate for long periods.., but it’s also not safe for a puppy to roam the house freely while no one is home.

    1. nickolas 😂 ✨🌾 🌾 🌾
      👟 👟

  5. Yayyyy I’m so glad u started to make videos again :] ur channel is my favorite when it comes to learning how to train dogs~

  6. Most people have misunderstood the use of the crate, essentially it’s like a kennel that’s a safe place for them to relax. Eventually the dog will use their crate as a place to unwind and chill out where they feel safe and secure.

    Use a crate or don’t use a crate, your choice, don’t run a professional dog trainer into the ground because you don’t understand a scientifically proven method that assists to raise a happy and well adjusted dog.

  7. So glad you’re back making vids. I have read a lot, watched a lot and talked a lot about dog training but I think, as a single source of information and explanation, I have learnt most from your videos. Keep up the great work, you’re a very talented guy with great dogs.

  8. The only problem with your channel is that there isn’t enough video! And please atleast don’t go missing for such long intervals! You have soo much of knowledge that helps us… I don’t even own a dog and i watch all of your video!😂

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