How to Crate Train Your Puppy – You & Me (Petco)

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Help your puppy feel at home and provide them with a cozy retreat all their own using these handy crate training tips and tricks.

Crate Training is one of the most common ways to help your new puppy feel more comfortable in their new home. To get started you’ll need patience and a consistent routine.

And it helps to know that dogs can instinctively feel protected in a den-like space… so a crate can provide a safe and comfortable environment.

And while your pup is enjoying their space, you can enjoy some peace of mind knowing they’re not getting into any shenanigans while you are out.

First, choose a size that allows your dog the ability to sit, stand, turnaround and lie down. Bigger isn’t better! They’re more likely to have an accident when it’s too spacious inside.

An adjustable crate is ideal; it provides a cozy space that grows with your dog. Crates with puppy dividers allow you to adjust the size of the space as they grow.

Set up their crate in an active part of the home, like the living room.

This way they’ll feel a part of the family, even when they’re hanging out inside. Avoid areas near direct sunlight, air vents and loud noises.

To prevent accidents take them out before and after crating

Not everything belongs in their crate. So, go ahead and remove collars, harnesses and other accessories when they’re unsupervised.

Start crate training by leaving the door open, so they associate their crate with someplace they want to go.

Encourage them to enter by having treats or a toy inside. Then close the door for a short period of time.

Once they’ve mastered being closed in their crate for 5-10 minutes, you can increase the time.

Start with 30 minutes. Then add more time as your pup becomes accustomed to their space. Don’t leave a puppy crated for more than one hour per month of age. 8 hours max, no matter how old.

When you do leave them, double check that all locks and hooks are closed.

If you’re going to be away for a few hours, leave their crate open inside of a gated room where they CAN’T get out but CAN stroll around, rest and go to the bathroom.

As you both get used to crating, accidents are bound to happen. Removable pans are designed to make cleanups super easy.

A folding crate is ideal so you can take their cozy retreat with you, wherever you go.

Even after they’re crate-trained, they might howl or whimper during those first nights. Try not to give in right away. Give them some time to adjust to their new surroundings and wait until they’ve calmed down before letting them out.

Soon their crate will become a retreat. A place where they feel safe when stressed by storms or other loud noises.

By following these tips crate training can be a 2 paws up experience for you and your puppy!

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