How to Crate Train a Puppy – Training 2 Dogs at Once | Grisha Stewart

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I just set up this crate for my new puppy, Bean. He's in it for the first time. He has been in a wire crate a few times before but this is the first time I am training him to go in on his own. I like using a nice large crate so that he can move around inside while I am gone. I would leave him babygated in the kitchen, but he climbs over the gate.

I am using clicker training to teach him to run into his crate, and then gradually closing the door. I'm simultaneously training my adult dog to lie down while I train the puppy Bean. This is an important skill in a multiple dog household.

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10 Comments on “How to Crate Train a Puppy – Training 2 Dogs at Once | Grisha Stewart”

    1. +TheJmurphy05 Not necessarily, but I like crates to be large enough for the dogs to move around in. If I need to leave him for long enough that he might pee, I’ll use the bathroom or I can tape a puppy pad on one side.

    1. +Troy Mast It depends on the dogs. Generally speaking they need more room than this. But if they get along really well and it’s short term, it’s probably fine. For example, if you had two Yorkies and wanted them to be able to play a bit while you were away, you could take two crates like this and zip tie them together, so each dog has his own space too. But there are risks there because even dogs who are friends need space from time to time. Make sure they aren’t wearing collars or anything, because the extra movement makes it more likely they’ll get stuck. Or use a breakaway collar like the one Bean has here.

  1. Been catching up on your videos last night on SMART TV as insomnia struck.   It doesn’t have the info on the smart tv,  so I was having fun guessing the criteria for Bean and Peanut by just watching.     Really love the new videos.   I love dogs that can problem solve and have detours and everything in their repertoire.     Sometimes it means they keep you on your toes though,  but it has lots of benefits.   Really glad to catch up with your videos,  been meaning to for ages.   But with free time amusing/ walking our dogs come first and watching videos for new ideas to amuse them 2nd and had little time for the latter of late.   Watched about 30 and hope to catch the others very soon.    Thanks for making and sharing them.

  2. Great video, really helps to see video demonstrations of training like this. I’ve booked your BAT 2 3 day talk in Harlow, England next year and ordered your new book BAT 2, can’t wait.

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