How To Crate Train a Puppy – Crate Training a Puppy

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– More great tips for raising a happy and healthy puppy!

How To Crate Train a Puppy – Crate Training a Puppy

Kathy Santo breaks down the steps involved in crate training your dog or puppy while giving you a few extra professional tips along the way.

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51 Comments on “How To Crate Train a Puppy – Crate Training a Puppy”

  1. 1st! Thanks for the compliment! Next, how exciting to be getting a new member to your family! Kuddos to you for doing research! I know your vet will also help/guide you w/ all your quest./concerns…
    I personally know the pain of losing a beloved member of your life. Very painful, yes indeed! Good Luck with your new “Angel baby” and enjoy all the great new memories!

  2. I have had dogs all my life, most of them rescues, & they do NOT need to be locked into a space in which they can barely turn around in order to feel safe, secure or comfortable.  How anyone could leave their dog in a such a small confined area while they’re at work all day defies belief.  It is an inhumane & completely unnecessary practice.  The only exception would be if you had a destructive dog who just couldn’t be left in the home without confinement, in which case leave the dog in a room in the house with toys, water, etc., or buy a proper sized kennel for the dog in which it can MOVE!  Also, all of our dogs have been housetrained quickly & without fuss in 2-3 weeks without leaving them locked in a small cage hardly able to move all day.  If you can’t be home to stay with & train your puppy, then don’t get a puppy!!!  Dogs need company so if you have to work 40 hours a week, just don’t get one, or else get two so they can keep eachother company given free run of the house.

    1. Susan Rea I understand how you feel. I have had dogs in the past, what I have done is given the dog a larger crate then what he/her needs. Also, you can have the crate in a dog pen, so they can go in and out freely, and can turn around.

    2. Susan Rea I was thinking what is the point of getting a dog if you are gonna keep them in a crate like some zoo animal. I thought getting one was to be part of your family. I just want to know how to potty train a puppy and all Ive seen is to keep him in a crate. Can I potty train easier?

    3. Susan Rea I do agree, but that is just the people’s fault for not buying the right size. Crates aren’t for punishment. If you don’t even like crates why are you watching this video huh?

  3. Some of you might think that keeping your puppy in a small cage for a month, and only letting it out for potty is abuse. But believe me, it not, cause in the future you will save you carpet, your dog, your energy and you puppy will learn so much more quicker. It’s worth a month or 2 to Cage train them. You dont wannt be cleaning up pee pee and poo poo every hour. trust me. I been through it, and tryed cage trainging also. I pick cage training any day.

    1. It’s not abuse because it saves your carpet? That’s a weird logic don’t you think? Also, if you need to put it in cage in order to prevent it from crapping everywhere, no offence but maybe you’re doing something wrong.

  4. i put my 12 week old puppy in the crate ans she cried for a lil bit and then she fell asleep am i doing something wrong 

    1. @Alyssa Winnin That isn’t why dog trainers sometimes advise against dogs sleeping in the bed with their owners.
      The reason is because it discourages behavioral problems with dominance and house breaking.
      Your dog won’t become possessive over the bed and will be less likely to have a potty accident in their crate.
      Your dog having fleas and ticks is a separate issue regarding your dog’s health that can be prevented.

  5. I have has my puppy for 2 days (she’s 2 months) and my mom always tells me that I have to put her in her kennel when I go to school, THATS 8 HOURS ALONE!!!!! I have to deal with her “crying” and it’s really hard to listen to her, what do I do?

    1. At the beginning he pissed all over the place, then we let him use our… Bathroom… Whenever I was at school and my parents were at work. Every day, when I came back from school, I would let him outside to go… Piss… If he needed yo while I cleaned the bathroom, then I would let him into his exercise pen while I did my homework, usually, my parents would be back by then and then let him outside every so often. After I did my homework, the rest of the day I trained him to do tricks and also tried to crate him. He later realized the crate was his bed and every morning would bark to let us know he wanted to piss. Keep in mind, this was at about 5 or 6 every day. When he got older, he would wake up later, and so on. Then we got a kennel where we put him every day. The good thing now is he never pisses inside anymore, which means no more buying hundreds of dollars of tissues. Hope that helped.

  6. omg this helped so much you have no idea…  about 2 years ago i got a lab/pit/border collie puppy and my brother opened the front gate (letting him go lose) and that was the last time i saw him

    1. She probably meant remove the bedding that has pee scent on it to avoid the puppy from urinating on it again since the scent of urine encourages them to use the bathroom. Of course, you can replace it with a new one.

    2. +twinstar9 It means to never let your puppy sleep again,, Just kidding, it means to buy new bedding so that they wont associate that bed as a pee bed.

  7. I’ve got a 8 week old German Shepherd pup. Just started crate training yesterday. Will the crying ever stop? It’s all day long. It’s driving me insane.

    1. Kevin Grissom my German shepherd is 5 months.. When I first bought him he did the same thing.. Tricks that helped my pup is I bought a tiny dog bed and I put a big empty coke bottle and I put hot water inside (so he can feel warmth as if his mom is there) u can also put a clock that ticks every second ( so he can think that it’s his moms heart beat) GOODLUCK!

  8. I leave my 13 week old mini golden doodle puppy in his crate for more than 7 hours and he doesn’t cry that 6 month thing is fake

    1. It’s not fake. Some dogs are better at being left alone than others. All dogs are different like people 🙂

  9. I am thinking of getting a puppy but I go to school for 6 hours (8:00-2:45) I will take him/her out before and after school but she/he can’t stay home for that long! Please help!

    1. +SFGamingCats  I know what you mean I go to school 8:20-3:15 but my mum gets home around 1:00 and goes to work at 9:00 in the morning

  10. I’ve been trying to train my puppy the right way, but my family members don’t seem to have any patience when it is whining in the cage and no routine can be made. I hope I can train it properly before it gets too challenging.

    1. Don’t put him in a crate! Just put a little dog bed in the living room! Because would you like sleeping in a cage?!

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