How to Choose the Right Size Dog Crate (for a Perfect Fit)

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Crate training is one of the most popular methods of house training a dog. But you also need to know how to choose the right size dog crate to ensure a smooth puppy crating process. In this video I'm showing you how to measure a dog for a crate, how to size a dog crate and choose the right type of pet crate for dogs for your specific pup.

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When done correctly, crate training gives your Fido a safe place to stay when you're not at home to keep an eye on him. Learning how to choose the right size dog crate is an essential part of crate training your pet.

"You'll need to measure the length of your dog from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail. Now, add 2" to that measurement if you have a small/medium breed and 4" if you have a large/extra large breed. This is the length of the crate that you will need. It will allow your Fido enough space to turn around comfortably."

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22 Responses to “How to Choose the Right Size Dog Crate (for a Perfect Fit)”
  1. Shadow says:

    The chocolate lab looks like my chocolate lab

  2. Kaya & Sanne says:

    I don’t have a dog and im watching so many dog videos! šŸ¤£

  3. LoversLane Hawj says:

    Missing info of size crate in this video (need exact measurements). I like that brand especially with double door and divider panel.

  4. SlimeGirls Forevs says:

    I’m about to get a new golden retriever

  5. SlimeGirls Forevs says:

    And his name is buddy

  6. Nihat Karademir says:

    Always buy the biggest one

  7. ashish solanki says:

    What’s the size of ur both cage small and large

  8. Ram_Ram_1218 Loresto_Ancheta says:

    This girls talk a lot of nonsense! And so annyoing to watch!
    Not informative and also talk to fast you must learn how to edit your vids. And make it enjoyable to watch.wat a waste!and also too long! Dafuk!

  9. 5sospls says:

    Iā€™m getting a cavapoo on Friday. So excited

  10. Israel Verduzco says:

    What would be a good size to get for a German Shepherd?

  11. Danielle Reddy says:

    Pull you by your legs train them to lay down

  12. Camper Dave Lifestyles says:

    I love your lab. ! Ready to party !

  13. Peter v says:

    Went to get my German shepard out of the kennel and she ran out of the kennel crying she caught her foot in the kennel.Did Anyone expirence this any advice for it not happening again I covered it and iced her foot feel bad.Thank you she’s 5 month old 45 pound puppy very clumsy just have to watch and be careful.

  14. antara sen says:

    Which size is good for dog?

  15. antara sen says:

    Which size I should buy for Lhasa also?

  16. teol91 says:

    “nice comfy soft kennel” yeah what’s more comfy than a cage after all!

  17. Steve J. Park says:

    Thanks for the tips. One thing, I wish u showed us the kennels with the dogs in them, so I could visualize what the appropriate size looks like!

  18. Nelia G says:

    Crates are horrific! There is absolutely NO reason that you need to put your dog in a crate! None! If you ever get to a point where you start to think that you need to buy a cage for your animal, you should not be owning one. There is always behavioral training, and new technology that has made traveling with your pets a breeze! There is no need whatsoever to put your dog or cat in a cage!It is sick

  19. Alicia Hays says:

    I’m getting a mini Australian Shepard

  20. Rhythmus says:

    I have a large one for my little Jack Russell

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