How to Build an Insulated Dog House

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On this episode of Around the House with Matt and Shari, Matt teaches us how to build a dog house that protect man's best friend from the elements with Insulated Siding.

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26 Comments on “How to Build an Insulated Dog House”

    1. Correct, however the siding used in the video is INSULATED SIDING, where the voids of the siding are filled with R11 or rigid foam, hence “insulation.”

  1. Hi, I wanted to pass along some info on the roof you have chosen. That roofing system requires a minimum roof pitch of
    2/12. Thank you for the vid, I would like to make a heated dog house and looking at many vids for some ideas. I like the removable floor Idea.
    Take care.

  2. My friends dad built a couple houses for his dogs he put instillation rugs on the inside the roof was triangle shaped the so the rain would slip off as well as roofing he even glued carpet to rubber cut to some flapes so so they would be covered all around

    1. This is “insulated” to people who live in areas where “cold” equates to fifty degrees (10C.)

  3. Well I happen to think Hyezmar’s Woodworking Bible (google it) has a better design…,, JK to each his own 🙂 Your plans are also great!!

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