How to Build an A-Frame Sled Dog House | Detailed Construction

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This is an updated video with detailed construction techniques for the a-frame style sled dog house. Any dog can use this house even a household pet.

This is Chuck Gould's design, KIWATCHI KENNELS. Chuck came up with his plans after looking at a picnic table a-frame. Being almost two feet off the ground it gives the dogs more shade in the summer months and up off the ground in the winter months.

For detailed plans, please visit:

Materials Needed:
1- 55 gallon plastic barrel
2 – 8' Landscape Timbers
3 – 8' 2"X4"
3 – 8' 1"X6" Thick Decking
7 – 8' 1"X6"
1 – 5 Quart Stainless Steel Pail
1 – Small Stainless Steel S-Hook
1 – 4" X 5/16" Stainless Steel Eye Bolt

3.5" or 3" deck screws
2" or 1 5/8" deck screws

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8 Comments on “How to Build an A-Frame Sled Dog House | Detailed Construction”

  1. why would you leave your dogs out all the time? the dog house is great, but dogs are social and should be allowed in the house with you

    1. people come on he’s talking about a working sled dog rig if you have a team of sled dogs “anywhere between 10 and 100 ” your not possibly going to bring them all in tge house like a house pet. and not everyone on earth takes there dog to tea parties and sleep overs. it’s fine if you do but don’t expect everyone to have the same opinion and out look

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