How to Build a Large Quality Dog House for $100

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This is how to build a large, high quality, dog house for about $100.

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16 Comments on “How to Build a Large Quality Dog House for $100”

  1. Several useful things that can be applied to other dog houses. The running commentary did help for someone who did not think about several aspects of what you were doing such as keeping the sides of the ground. I do wonder if the cost would still be under a $100 as you stated several times you reused hardware from your deck. Screws can add up quickly.

    1. +Pat Schutte That is certainly true, if someone doesn’t have material they can harvest from around the house it could potentially be over $100. The screws are a good example of that and while it wouldn’t be as strong, nails could be used as well. The rest of the material can be scrap/leftovers (accept the sheets of plywood) from home construction sites and a local roofing company that has some extra off color shingles laying around (they always do).

  2. i can barely see anything bruh soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo shakey ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

    1. Yeah, so I took a grinder and smoothed some of them down, some I left because the dog isn’t that tall and will never touch them

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