How to Build a Doghouse

December 5, 2018 by  
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Learn how to build a doghouse. Home improvement expert Ron Hazelton talks about how to create a custom doghouse design for your four-legged friend.

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35 Responses to “How to Build a Doghouse”
  1. NayNay Lee says:

    first of he had a color on just hold the color.. that pissed me off

  2. Lamont Williams says:

    Just because some one has there dog outside dosent mean. It isnt trained

  3. Clay Tall Stories says:

    A boarder collie is a working dog. Unless you are going to clock up lots of miles with it regularly through out each day or work it either as a sheep dog or hunt it on the hill as bay /bailing dog don’t get one.


    did they record this with a potato

  5. yunju bae says:

    So how thick is that plywood????

  6. TrenchCoach says:

    Waaaaay to big! Dogs like close quarters

  7. Rocio Alvarez says:

    I would like to have the plans for this house is any way links can have it ?

  8. Saul McCoy says:

    There’s an interesting alternative way to do this if you look inside Woody Hyezmar’s Woodworking Bible.

  9. Vivienne Irvine says:

    Why have a dog that needs a lot of exercise, then keep him outside? Take him for a walk which is good for all of you, then he will not be so hyper inside the house. Or get a cat instead!

    • Sapphire Otaku says:

      “Take him for a walk.”
      You’ve never had high evergy dogs apparently. I agree with you though. I like the idea of dogs with a dog door and a fenced yard. I also mush my own to help get a bit of that energy out. 🙂 (I was picking on you because my own dog can run 7-10 miles in a day and still be bolting around the house. A walk would do absolutely no good.)

    • Ronald Lindeman says:

      There might be some things that you didn’t consider.    Some Border Collies really need exercise and mental stimulation or they have been known to eat furniture.    Maybe everybody is at work during the day.

    • Teddy&Stitch Vlogs says:

      Vivienne Irvine exactly, a cat would tire the dog out XD

  10. Nannette Battista says:

    I made it by myself 🙂 I used fot that woodprix woodworking plans.

  11. mihaela dog says:

    Too big, not good for winter or maybe this in an indoor dog.

  12. Ariel Brooks says:

    Dogs don’t need that much space. Atleast mine don’t they all cuddle together so idk

  13. unoduney says:

    I really love this style dog house, I going to make some minor adjustments to accommodate 2 Labrador retrievers. I didn’t see the installation of the 2 boards attached to the inside of the roof. What are the measurements from the edges of the roof? And also what are their purpose? Thanks I really enjoyed the instructional video.

    • matt C says:

      unoduney the purpose is so water doesn’t run down the walls. even if your have like a 4inch over hang all around the roof

  14. JustMe9 says:

    That house is way too big to keep that dog warm. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  15. Guy Says says:

    They got fat, lazy owners for a border collie. The only thing that would be worse is if they had a game working American Pitbull, because they are one of the strongest, most tenacious, and high drive dogs ever bred to take on bulls, bears, and wild boar. I will say this though, they made the right call making the dog an outdoor dog. You know it wasn’t getting the exercise it needed from its owners. The dog being an outside dog may be what saves it from ending up like its owners.

  16. bhumanecate says:

    why no insulation on the floor or roof? just curious.

  17. Gabriel Davidson says:

    The owner is a cuck wimp…Cant even keep a lil dog still for 10 seconds… Look at how he’s dressed compared to the cow he’s married to…WUSS!

  18. JewDd* 89 says:

    I love the comments below! Yes if you take on a breed meant for working/high energy level then don’t forget about him and leave him outside!!! He doesn’t deserve being shut outside! I want to build a dog house for during the day while I’m at work, not for when I’m home and it’s really just to protect her from the elements of god forbid she’s stuck outside in the rain

  19. P Simpson says:

    Dogs are pack animals. They want to be around their family members. If you cannot treat one like that, DON’T GET ONE!


      You idiot dogs are wild animals they suppose to live outside. Unless you get yourself a small dog but large dogs are happier outside

  20. afenismama says:

    All I heard was “He’s got a lot of energy, so we’re kicking him out the house”😒😖

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