How to build a doghouse using lightweight framing (part 1)

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You can check out the complete project here…..

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26 Comments on “How to build a doghouse using lightweight framing (part 1)”

    1. +ruairi brady 
      This link should get you there, is it not showing up in my videos section?

      Finished Dog House with lightweight framing (part 2)

    1. +Cat 33 inches by 47 inches 52 inches at the peak. You can adjust size to whatever size dog you have, the thing I was trying to convey with this video was the lightweight framing. Ripping down 2X4’s like that gives you twice the use with the 2X4 and it cuts down the weight big time! The porch was 10 inches deep and if I did it over again I’d make that bigger, big enough she could lay on it. If you decide to build one and you have questions just ask, I’d love to help you just have to send me a picture or video when you’re done with it! 🙂
      Take care
      The complete video with the finished house is here

  1. Would it be cheaper; or why wouldn’t it be easier to use the standard modern ”studs” ? Just save a little ripping time. Thanks for the vid, I think I’ll do it this way.

    1. +Nathan F. Hayek  It’s a weight issue. I have seen a lot of homemade dog houses that require two guys on steroids and a forklift to move them. This knocks out about half of your framing weight and using the lightweight sheathing on the side also reduces the weight to a point that this house that I built here can be moved fairly easily with two people

    2. +The Burb Billy
      okay got it. thank you. One more question, and I’ll be done: I didn’t hear or wasn’t familiar with the word you used for the weatherproof sheathing in the second part video? Thanks

    3. +Nathan F. Hayek I used Luan to side it, this isn’t really an outdoor rated lumber but for this application it works. Luan is a flooring underlayment that is very thin (5mm), moisture resistant, lightweight, cheap(around $12 a sheet) and you can staple it on if you have a nail gun that shoots staples, then fill in the holes with an exterior rated wood filler, do a quick sand, prime and paint it and it holds up fairly well. I used luan on my sandbox project and didn’t prime and paint it, I stained it. Didn’t hold up near as well. If you want you can use a 7/16 ply but it will increase your weight. If you’re not moving the house then build it with whatever you have. If you think you may move it or sell it then do everything you can to keep the weight under control. Another trick ( I show this in my food cart video) is to use aluminum roof coating, you just brush on a few coats of that and it seals it out. Won’t last as long as normal roof material(shingles or rolled) and you will have to reapply some in the future but it would drop 50 lbs of roof from your weight. I don’t mind questions, if you have question about something I’ll always try and help.

  2. If you want to make it very mobile just screw or bolt a pair of lawn mower style wheels to one end. Or 4 wheels ( just make 2 pivot)

    1. +SuperSaltydog77 Good idea! I’m thinking of building one next year on a smaller scale to show the actual steps in building it, (this one I built as fast as I could because I had to make a home for my dog) I’ll be sure to include that idea in the video.

    1. the weight on this one mainly comes from the roof. Metal roof would have cut the weight down a bit. I’m looking into other options though for another house. Problem is keeping the cost down when you switch to other materials.

    1. Yes. I am growing with the channel and learning as I go. Some of my early videos could use an update and this one is on the list for that. I appreciate you taking the time to give some feedback/input

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