How To Build A Dog House

December 3, 2018 by  
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51 Responses to “How To Build A Dog House”
  1. Allen Perry says:

    One question Jay, wouldn’t it be cheaper to buy cedar shake shingles than to make your own?

    • Jay Bates - Woodworking Videos says:

      +Allen Perry Not locally. No time to order any. It might be for you though.Thanks for watching Allen. 

  2. Wordsnwood (Art Mulder) says:

    Great videobomb there at the end by Steve Ramsay!   If that was greenscreened, I’m impressed.  Otherwise, I’m still impressed, knowing how far apart you live.

    And once again, that is a STELLAR editing job.  The oscar for sound editing goes to Jay.  I have to know, is that a different nail gun sound each time — ie: is that the real nail gun sound from that particular video snippet, or did you grab one nail gun sound and use that one all the time.   I’m still a bit new to the editing game so I’m not even sure which way would be easier… and which would sound better with the music.

    Gorgeous dog house.  Aside from the very end I think the best bit was watching you worm your way into it.   My dad (carpenter) used to build dog houses as a small side business, and he eventually moved the door to the side.  The central door looks good to people, but an off-side door gives a dog more protected space to curl up.  Less an issue in your climate than up here in Canada!!!  

    great job, Jay.

  3. John Heisz - I Build It says:

    Wow, those are some lucky dogs! Stunning build and the video was perfect!

  4. Steve Carmichael says:

    Great dog house Jay!  It’s huge!  lol  Love the video and the ending was awesome!

  5. April Wilkerson says:

    : ) Haha, Jay you crack me up. I loved this video. You climbing all over the wood, the editing, the crackers, you crawling in and out of the house….lol, it was an awesome video. Also, that dog house came out looking spectacular! Your dogs are going to be laying in style. 

  6. TheCraftyGemini says:

    My 3 yr old daughter and I were jamming to the music and the in sync stapling sounds! haha Great work on the video and the dog house. Gorgeous build!

  7. Chris Pine says:

    great dog house. I am a firm believer if you are going to build one make it nice! You never know when you will be staying in it sometime! 🙂   


  8. frank howarth says:

    That was awesome.  I wondered what you were going to do for the roof,  beautiful!

  9. Roaming Gnome says:

    I love the editing and your synchronized nailing! LOL B.T.W., awesome build.

  10. JDoactive says:

    Can I just say YOU NAILED IT lol insert joke

  11. Mark Hood says:

    Fantastic. Not just the dog house itself, but the editing as well. I always enjoy watching your videos and as someone new to woodworking, I learn something new in every video. Keep up the great work and thank you.

  12. TheDrummist88 says:

    as a drummer thank you so much for syncing those nail punches with the music hahaha!!!

    also awesome build

  13. Bhamski Bam says:

    Gotta say. Damn cool video, and that’s some fine craft. Loved the synchronizing of the music and the nailer

  14. Abdullah Almousalli says:

    when you put staples in to the beat, my ocd was satisfied

  15. GTR MAN says:

    “Dog house”, I’d live in that ! Nice work !

  16. random-stuff says:

    Now this is a man that loves his dogs

  17. Elena Jablonski says:

    The stapled added up to the beat of the music and I am legit so happy I can’t 😂😂😂

  18. Kevin H says:

    Hell, I’d live in that dog house.

  19. jkwo2007 says:

    Nice work. But if the roof could be removable for cleaning and giving the inside a thorough sunbath during the summer once in a while, that would be super.

  20. Myah Victoria says:

    It must have taken you ages to edit this video

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