How to build a dog house with recycled pallets

November 12, 2018 by  
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A simple pallet project showing you how to build this great looking wooden dog house using recycled pallets. This dog kennel pallet project can be built to suit dogs of any size. If you need guidance on how to take apart a pallet then please watch our guide at:





1400W Mitre Saw –
350W Jigsaw –
Combination Square –
Tri-Cut Saw –
Heavy Duty F- Clamp –
18V Combi Hammer Drill –
Measuring Tape –

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35 Responses to “How to build a dog house with recycled pallets”
  1. ironhorse19 says:

    Great video very informative it’s nice to see you recycling wood

  2. Mike Leslie says:

    Would it have been better to have the front and back overlap the sides rather than the other way around so no end grain is exposed to the elements?

  3. Phil up says:

    Pallets are soaked in chemicals to make them more durable against the elements..are you sure you should be building a house for your dog out of these

    • Dimitris Ntontos says:

      Phil up actually not all pallets are soaked in chemicals. Some of them are though, and they are mostly meant for exporting feed products to some countries (I work in an animal feed factory so thats how I know this). Nice pointing that out btw!

  4. Judi Christopher says:

    This is one of the best videos I have ever seen!!!
    I have remolded 25 houses… so I know what he is talking about…
    I decided to mute this video…(just because I was too lazy to turn the volume up from the previous video).
    I was delightfully surprised that your instruction was sooo good, that I could follow you without sound..
    “Bravo” … “Thank YOU” sooo much for such a Great Tutorial..

  5. John Mcghee says:

    the planks are too narrow for overlap should have used roofing felt

  6. Billy O'Connor says:

    If I follow your instructions will my floor of the dog kennel magically appear like yours did? Lol
    I enjoy your vids 🙂

  7. frenchgreguk says:

    Ha silverline, chop saw too small, clamp falling apart in your hands, should work for makita mate!

  8. BIGBOY'S DIY says:

    Awesome video gonna modify this as we have a cat that likes to sleep in our garden and with the colder months coming I’m going to make a cat house out off pallet wood

  9. Daniel Onescu says:

    I built a dog house following the steps in this video. very helpful! I would post pictures if I could do this here on youtube

    • Silverline ToolsTV says:

      Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for your comment! We’d love to see your project, you can share it with us on Twitter @SilverlineTools.

      Silverline Team.

  10. Cheryl Oldford says:

    Woop! Woop! Great… off to look for a palket lol x

  11. ISTO maker says:

    nice build! i guess the silverline tools help a lot.

  12. Mary Jane says:

    Very first sentence he lost me it’s a dog house not a dog kennel

    • Emdontplayguitar says:

      Mary Jane yeah ikr. Americans need everything simplified, why would he use the correct term so that it’s not understandable? Baffles me.

  13. bobsuruncle says:

    dog kennel is the UK term for it,am I right,mate?

  14. Big Pete says:

    I built one very similar to this one using this video as a guide.
    I put a felt roof on it as I had some spare and used coach bolts screwed to blocks underneath as feet to keep it off the wet floor. I also painted the outside with some old fence paint and used second hand screws and nails throughout.
    I put it up for £30 on social media and sold it for £25.
    It cost me zero to build other than heating and lighting in my workshop.

  15. Heather Guascoine says:

    This a really good tutorial, I love the ratchet style clamp! Just want to say not all pallets have chemical on them. Glad to see it’s in cm etc not inches. Me personally for this climate I would put in some insulation. Great job! 🤙🏼🤙🏼

  16. Fábio Jabah says:

    Olá tudo bem, sou brasileiro e acompanho todos os seus vídeos, parabéns pelo belíssimo trabalho.

  17. bsv2806 says:

    has a miter say 2 feet away from him……..uses a hand saw

  18. Alex Silver says:

    SOME NOTES: The floor is too low to the ground, if its snowing it can mess up the insides. Also it will be cold, because the floor has holes. Cut a plywood piece for internal walls, floor and roof pieces it will help avoid drafts. Also put a rug inside and insulate all the connections with sealant to avoid wind going inside. Before you allow the dog to enter, weather proof the wood with a linseed oil or any other protective solution only from outside. When it dries dog can come inside. After that it will be concidered done, but I’d say it depends on geography of the place. Anyways, maybe someone will need this info.

  19. bella McCormick says:

    How many pallets Sony think I need to make this

  20. Maestro Darnell says:

    Did I miss something??? I don’t recall seeing the FLOOR being built.

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