How To Build a Dog House Out of Fence Pickets

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How to build a dog house using fence pickets that were left over from our picket fence. I cut the dog ears off at the end of each picket for the roof, so, it measured just under 6 foot in length and about 4 foot in width. The height was about 4 foot as well. These houses are under a lean-to that extends about 5 feet out as well.

Materials Approximation:

PICKETS = 50 to 60

2X4's = 6 TO 8 depending on dimensions

NAILS = 2 per picket on the outside walls and 3 per picket for the roof and flooring.

SCREWS = I used screws for the roof supports so I would jack up the vertical 2×4's.

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46 Comments on “How To Build a Dog House Out of Fence Pickets”

    1. Its a little less than 6 feet from left to right, about 4 feet deep, and about 4 fet tall…it is big enough to house 2 full size dogs easily…hope that helps…

  1. i would use a solid roof if you are leaving this out in the elements alone.  these were put under a 5 foot lean-to that gave dog houses cover from rain and natural elements…

  2. Thank you!The easiest best video to make a simple and reasonable doghouse.Those trying to school him.Make your own video.His is his way,yours are your way.Respect people’s creativity

    1. +kissesdelight27 thanks for the comment!!! i thought i would do a video on how to do this if people had leftover materials from a previous project…keep up the positive youtubing!!!

  3. This video is great and looks really easy to build…around how much did you spend in total just to know what itll cost me…

    1. +Juan Alvarez I guess it depends on how many you plan to use based upon the size of the house you want to build…these were from a fence build I did and wanted to put them to good use!!!

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