22 Comments on “How To Build A Dog House For Mr. Pickering”

  1. lol you guys didn’t even TRY to appear like you knew what the hell you were doing or that you were taking it seriously.was making this video a school project?

  2. LMAO this video is number 22 on a 50 worst youtube dancers compilation video!!! 
    This doesn’t have dancing in the title and they still put you on there, you must really suck hahahaha

    1. I don’t think you know they are in a school shop class . they are young men and women , in my opinion they were doing a good job , thanks guys I did get the general idea of how to make the house .😎

  3. How to build a Dog house for Dummies !! Lol you’ll young man lol high as hell !!! You all make laugh and for that I will give you a like !!!

  4. Wait, did you say left wall on left side and right side on right??? Woah… Slow down, not everyone is so smart to figure this out like you

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